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R. Parham

Back in sept 99 my family and I went on holiday to Florida. I took my family to see the Titanic exhibition in Orlando. At the end of the exhibition is a large name board with all names of the passengers who were on the i'llfated Titanic. Much to my amazement, there in bold letters was the name Thomas Parham. As this was not a common name in the south of England my mind began to wonder. My fathers name was Thomas Parham, my eldest brothers name Thomas and so on.
So far all i have found on the net is a chap called Thomas Parnham Franklin.
Is the name on the name board wrong or on the internet????
P.S the only problem is this Thomas Parham they claimed travelled 1st class. CAN ANYONE HELP SOLVE THIS?????
Dec 4, 1998
I believe that, according to the passenger list in Judith B. Geller's book, Titanic: Women and Children First (composed by the extensive work of Mr Michael Findlay) lists the name as Thomas Parnham Franklin, First Class. If your name is Parham, there is a somewhat slight difference with that extra "N", and the fact that the gentleman's last name was Franklin adds on, but in that case probably you came from his maternal side, but still, noting on the name. I wish you luck on trying to find more information!

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David Dollemore

Please could tell me how to get more information on Franklin, Thomas Parnham
as my my mothers maiden name is Franklin
and i am interested in our family history

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