Those Annoying DoublePosts

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John M. Feeney

Phil Hind (and all):

I think I may be able to offer a clue as to what causes these occasional double posts on the Board. I realized in my most recent one that what I'd done was accidentally hit the enter key -- which results in an instant "Post" rather than a "Preview", at least under my setup. I immediately hit the browser "Stop" button because of this. (I may also have done further editing to the text before continuing.)

In any case it *looks* like the "Stop" button on the browser doesn't guarantee that the transmission will be aborted, at least on the receiving end. So it seems a bit like releasing a carrier pigeon -- you can yell "stop" all you want, but it's not turning back.

Sound familiar to anyone else? (This doesn't happen on a Preview, but with the "Enter" key it's not a preview.) If this is the cause, Phil might be able to just reconfigure the default action for the "Enter" key. Phil?

John Feeney
One you hit post - that's it, don't try to stop it, call it back or pretend you didn't send it!

I don't know anything about an Enter key shortcut but you can set your profile so it bypasses the preview screen and the message goes straight up.

In my experience double posts are always because the user has hit the button twice or tried hastily to stop a message that they have already tried to sent.

Remember, if you make a mistake you can edit your message for up to 90 minutes after sending it.

Also, be patient with the system, there may be a lot of other users on at the same time, and bear in mind that the server is in Oxfordshire, England - that may be a long way by copper wire to your home PC.

All in all it's a lot to cope with for the poor old man who keeps our ET boiler stoked up. You never knew this whole site ran on steam did you? Or is it hot air?
Not open for further replies.