Thought i'd quickly introduce myself

Oliver K

Jul 8, 2018
Hello, you have probably seen my posts on this board before, probably for the last year or so, i thought i would introduce myself a little bit so you kind of know me, but I'm not going too personal.

My hobbies are

Photography (Film and Digital, i also collect cameras and expired films)

Titanic Enthusiast

Hipster/Steampunk/gentlemen/cosplayer/old fashion guy thingy (i wear old clothing)

Some of my other hobbies that I'm not that into, but still kind of do.

I.T and Gaming (built a lot of computers, and have an old server and office computer that never gets used, plus an old box of computer parts, still play my Xbox though)

Cars (Particularly the old classics from the 1900's, like the Renault town car or Dusenberg, but i do also have a liking for posh cars like Bentley and Rolls-Royce, and i kind of like the 50's American Chevy)

Clocks and watches (i collect old pocket watches, and wear them)

Optics (from photography)

Electronics (From computing)

Old HiFi (i have a cassette deck and stuff, really want a talking machine though)

Without going too personal, i have a very unique lifestyle, i like old-fashioned clothing (waistcoats, tailcoats, bridge coats) and jewellery like pocket watches and Albert chains, some people don't like me for it (and i get called some bad names over it) and most people love it, in my late-mid teens (don't like people knowing my age) and live in the UK, never had such a good and fun time in my life!

I like sharing titanic facts with people, so by any means necessary i talk about these little facts to friends and family, sometimes even complete strangers.

Sometimes i even admire the beauties at the docks (boats) and think how cool it would be onboard at sea.

I take the subject of Titanic and history in general as a very important thing that people should not make fun of, like what was going on back in November with kids defacing armistice memorial stuff.

That is all, i should, at last, point out i am slightly religious.

I think i'm a great person

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