Three Class Ship

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Aug 31, 2004
Could a cruise line get away with a three-class ship-

Charge $50 for tourist class
$200-550 for cabin class
and $1000-2000 for first class

-if they let the passengers know in advance?

First Class, naturally, would be formal with balls every night, along with operas.

Cabin Class would be semi-formal with Broadway shows every night and one formal night.

Tourist class would have you wear "what-ever" and would have vegas shows every night.

First Class-Hors' d'oeuvres and champagne
Cabin Class-Cocktails and wine
Tourist class-Pizza rolls and beer

First Class-Smoking Room with cigars and brandy
Cabin Class-Pub with cigarettes and whisky
Tourist class-sports bar with snuff and beer

Let's have fun with this :)

Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
QM2 was, initially, three classes.

*Britannia Class aka Tourist Third is the largest.

*Princess Grill the equivalent of Second. No "special" areas of the ship other than the dining room, in which the menu is basically the same as in Tourist Third, but one has the option of ordering "off-menu." All cabins in this class are Junior Suites.

*Queen's Grill Class Class, aka First, initially offered its own lounge with bar, and a private deck (smallish) towards the stern which offered no privacy at all- two general use staircases pass through it and a steady flow of climbers spoil the air of exclusivity. Exclusive dining room with exclusive menu.

Last voyage, the private lounge had become "Grill Class" rather than the exclusive preserve of First, but the lame deck aft is still all theirs. With the creation of "Grill Class" QM2 became 2 class, I guess.
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