Three Days of Pure Hell

Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina

The refueling stop was going smoothly. At the rate things were progressing, it wouldn't be long before the USS Cole pulled out of the Port of Aden to continue its journey to the Persian Gulf.

Estimated maximum time in port, from start to finish: About six hours.

Some of the 294 crew members were lining up outside the mess decks to grab a quick lunch; others continued their watch-standing chores.

Up in the filter-cleaning shop, one level above the main deck on the ship's port side, Ensign Sean Dubbs and four sailors were talking business.

Suddenly, the ship rocked.

"We heard this loud rumble," Dubbs recalled. Without warning, all five were thrown into the air. Light bulbs shattered, plunging the shop and much of the rest of the ship into darkness. Dubbs was knocked unconscious.
This story appeared on the Navy Times Website and is well worth a look as it gives some insights as to how a warship's damage control organization goes to work when things go sour.

For the rest of this rather long but excellant account, go to To Save the Cole

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