Three Missing Scenes

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RJ Emery

I only saw Cameron's Titanic once in a movie theater. I distinctly recall three short scenes that never appeared in any of the later DVD releases I have viewed.

I have the Special Collector's Edition, and those three scenes were not in the main presentation nor included in the Deleted Scenes segment of Disc #3. Those three scenes made an impression on me but were apparently cut from later versions.

The three scenes are:

1) As Titanic leaves Southampton, a male English passenger is left behind on the dock, calling out "My life is on that ship" or similar words. The irony is that had he made the ship, his life probably would have been forfeit.

2) An aerial (note aerial) view of the Titanic steaming into its last sunset.

3) Minutes after the iceberg incident and after passengers have cleared the forward well deck, a drink in a glass is left on a railing or some other support surface. It is shown sliding off and onto the deck surface, evidence that the ship is beginning to list.

These three scenes outlined above, short though they may have been, made an impression upon me, and I am disappointed they did not survive to be included in subsequent versions of the film. There were probably other similar cuts.

RJ Emery


That's odd. I don't recall ever seeing the program with George C. Scott as Captain Smith. I did view the trailer you suggested.

My main interest in the Cameron movie is for the sets and operational details of the ship. Love story scenes I just skip completely.
But you should now, that even when the sets are amazingly made, most of them is wrong in decor or wrong at all and there is a lot of mistakes in the movie. I started to search them and I was surprised how much I have found!

RJ Emery


I am not certain to which mistakes in Cameron's movie you refer. Yes, there were a lot. Very clearly, the ship did not sink in the manner he depicted. If it had, there would not have been any 70-plus year controversy of the ship breaking apart or not, among other clearly inaccurate events.

And yes, the sets were not completely accurate, but there is only so much that could have been done.

In terms of the sets, they are the best that visually describe what the ship looked like.
I mean the completely wrong designed staterooms (Cal and Rose's, Strauss'), passengers knocking on unoccupied cabins, wrong corridors, wrong carpet, carpet instead of linoleum tiles, missing horse with male sattle in the gym, gym on the wrong side, lifeboat No. 8 on the wrong side of the ship, mountains in the background, wrong plants on the private promenade deck, the movie elevators go the the boat deck too, missing railing by the lifeboats, missing Diane de Versailles in the lounge... these are only some of them and thy distract me that much that I actually can not enjoy the movie!
elevator going to the boat deck? I don't know where you saw that. There are no scenes showing passengers moving to/from the boat deck to the elevators.

As for the Gym and boat number 8 being on the wrong side of the ship, it was no secret that many scenes were filmed in reverse and optically flipped. This was because only the starboard side of the side was finished all the way to the waterline.
I think you can notice that in the scene when Rose runs to the liftboy and wants him to take her to the E-Deck. On the panel next to the elevator door you can see that there is one light more on the top - the boat deck. I compared it with the photo of the Olympic. I have a sharp eye ;-)

I know it was filmed in reverse, but I think it is odd to see it in in the cut scenes right and in the final movie wrong...

And the fact that no chairs were mounted to the floor and the entire dining room with carpet and wrong table setting...

For the first sight it seems as a brilliant movie but if you look carefully...
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