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Hello All,

I never been a THS member, but I am curious about their Titanic Commutator magazine. Apparently the magazine has been around for a while, but I have not come across scans of a magazine. So I figured if anyone would know better it would be you guys here at ET. So overall, how is this magazine? Is the information pretty useful? What could I expect from the magazine? Just about any information on the magazine I am interested in.

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>>So overall, how is this magazine?<<

Excellant in my opinion. It's loaded with historical information and articles. You may wish to check out This Section of the THS website to find out what this publication is all about.

Jason D. Tiller

I'll second that. Just to add to Mike's post, I think it's the one of the best magazines you will come across, when it comes to research regarding Titanic, her passengers and crew, plus information on other ships as well. Some well noted researchers publish articles in the Commutator from time to time, including ones that hang out here.
Congratulations Randy on your newest article about Lady Duff Gordon just published in the Titanic Commutator. Its such a wonderful article that honors the memory of this famous dress designer. Lady Duff Gordon or Lucile if you please, would seem to fit into todays world of risque styles rather than the turn of the century. She was ahead of the times in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your abundant knowledge on this grand dame.
Hi, Darren:

Thanks for your comments. I just got my copy in the mail this afternoon and was flattered that it was the cover story. Ed and Karen did wonderful justice to the color illustrations and I thank them and THS. The magazine this issue is otherwise interesting for the beautiful section on the Lusitania anniversary. Elsewhere, it was sad to read of the death of Captain Rostron’s daughter, Margaret Howman, and the late John Gillespie was also honored. A very nice edition and am proud to be a part of it.

Hope you’re well —— and managed to steer clear of Hurricane Ophelia!

I just got my copy and it's looking good. Especially the article on Lucy. Of course, even though the envelope was conspicuously marked "DO NOT BEND" the Post Office not only bent it, they used it to wrap up the reast of the mail.

Jason D. Tiller

I haven't received the latest issue yet, but it will probably be here by the end of the week.


Of course, even though the envelope was conspicuously marked "DO NOT BEND" the Post Office not only bent it, they used it to wrap up the reast of the mail.

That's very annoying. The Post Office here hasn't done that, but they have bent my copies more than once. I've had to make a trip to the Post Office the last few times to pick it up, but at least it's guaranteed it's not going to be bent.​
I find most of my mail marked "Do Not Bend", is. And complaining about it doesn't help - "It happened before it got here" is the usual answer.
>>"It happened before it got here" is the usual answer.<<

At least you get an answer. I just get blank looks or a "Why are you bugging me about it?" sort of expression.

Timothy Trower

I have a couple of extra copies of the first edition of the "Titanic Commutator" (1963) under the original guise titled "The Marconigram" (the Marconi Company objected and the title was changed to the current "Titanic Commutator"). These are printed in a newspaper format, and were two pages, front and back (I think roughly 17" x 22"). These are not reprints, but originals.

Is there any interest in these? I'd be willing to part with either or both, but have no clue what the price should be ... maybe eBay is the place to try selling them. Let me know if you are interested.
Ok. Here's the deal. I am leaving for two years as soon as I can. I will have no contact with any of these websites, nor will I receive any mail, other than that from my family. This question has to deal with when I get back. Do you think that I should join the THS when I get back if I'm still interested? About the conventions, where are they usually held at? How often? And most importantly, what is the COMMUTATOR? Is it fun to read? What's in it? Is it worth a membership in the THS?

Also, as a side note, which one is better? The Titanic Historical Society or the British Titanic Society? I know the British Society charges a great deal less. What is the popular opinion here?
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