THS has anyone bought anything from them

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Lynda Franklin

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I am considering buying something from them what is there service like ? Sidenote I will contacting them about there payment methods as I don't have a CC.

Jason D. Tiller

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I have purchased some books, a couple of watches and a couple of golf shirts, among other things. I've also been very pleased with their service and shipping. If they have the item(s) in stock, they usually ship within two days.

As far as payment methods go, they accept money orders and checks as well.


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Hello Lynda,

Last year I had the good fortune to purchase some of their selected items as advertised on the web-site.

Karen was very supportive and helpful, and couldn't do enough. Once all my questions were satisfactory answered and after ten days of waiting, my order was final delivered to my front door in the U.K.

From my own experience, I cannot find any fault with the service of the THS.

Hope the above puts your mind to rest.

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