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Mark Bray

Hello Everyone! As you all know I am making a Titanic Scrapbook of Survivors, as I have posted here many times. I have been talking to THS and TIS about issues of their magazines that contain something about the 22-well-known survivors that will be in my scrapbook. This is not a school project or anything, just something I have been working on for about 2 years now. The 22 survivors are:
1.Millvina Dean
2.Bertram Dean
3.Edith Haisman
4.Eva Hart
5.Edwina MacKenzie
6.Maude Roberts
7.Franks Aks
8.Louise Pope
9.Marjorie Newell Robb
10.Louise LaRoche
11.Frank Prentice
12.Beatrice Sandstrom
13.Eleanor Shuman
14.Anna Turja Lundi
15.Ruth Becker Blanchard
16.Michel Navratil
17. George Thomas
18. Frank Goldsmith
19. Washington Dodge Jr.
20. Marshall Drew
21. Mary Wilburn
22. Ty Joseph
I am neither a TIS member nor a THS member, but wish I was. As being only 16 I feel like I have missed out on sooo much, since most survivors have since passed and not knowing about THS or TIS until recently. I was wondering will anyone of you out there help me with the following by maybe scanning it for me and email it to me? i know it is alot to ask, I would just buy them from the back order list, but as you all may know it will be very expensive $$. Thanks for your time and like to tell Phil, that this website is very informative and helps me a lot with many of my daily researching activities, and thanks to you all.
Titanic Commutator
-1984 Spring-Titanic Survivor Edwina MacKenzie Story
-1986(87)#4-Survivors Ruth Blanchard and Marshall Drew
-1987#3-THS Convention in Wilmington, DE.-Nine Titanic Survivors, Convention Album.
-1988#1-Steerage Passengers' Story(out of the 22 are there any of them featured in this?)
-1989#1-Album-11 Survivors
-1990#3-Ruth Blanchard Obituary
-1990(91)#4-Ruth Blanchard Biography
-1991#2-Obituaries, Philip (Frank) Aks, Ty Joseph, Titanic Survivors.
-1992#3-Survivor Louise Pope
1992(93)#4-Titanic Survivors Condemn Salvage, Commutator Scrapbook(What survivors condemn salvage? Any of the 22? And what is the Commutator Scrapbook of?)
-1993#2-Alden Gates Caldwell, Titanic Survivor, Quick/Van Tongerloo.
-1994#1-Ruth Blanchard laid to rest, and THS 30th Anniversary
-1994#2-Ruth Blanchard Service 4-15-94
-1994#3-Titanic Heritage Tour II (Where there any of the 22 survivors apart of this?)
-1995#2-Edith B. Haisman, Private Lives Titanic Passengers, Louise LaRoche, French Survivor.
1995(96)#4-Survivor Beatrice Sandstrom Obituary, Titanic Heritage Tour III (Where there any of the 22 survivors a part of this?)
-1996#3-THS Convention in Belfast-(Where any of the 22 there?)
-1988-V12#2-Louise Pope(Birthday Bash!)
-1988-V12#3-Obituary of Mary Wilburn
-1988-V12#4-Memories of Convention 1988-with 5 survivors, Review of THS Survivors over the years.
TIS "Voyage"
Voyage #11-Millvina Dean, Bertram Dean, Edith Haisman, Eva Hart, Frank Aks, Louise Pope(And Al Kenyon), Marjorie N. Robb, Beatrice Sandstrom, Eleanor ShumanMichel Navratil, Frank Goldsmith, and Marshall Drew.
Voyage# 28-Millvina Dean, Bertram Dean, Edith Haisman, Eva Hart, Frank Aks, Louise Pope, Marjorie Robb, Eleanor Shuman, Ruth Blanchard, Michel Navratil.
Voyage #30-Millvina Dean, Edith Haisman, Frank Aks, Louise Pope, Marjorie Robb, Eleanor Shuman, Michel Navratil, and Marshall Drew.

Thanks to all, and I realize this is much, but anything anyone may be able to help with, I would be greatful. The only thing I could offer in return are the pictures (in older age) I have of mostly the 22. Thanks!


Mark Bray
Junior Titanic Buff
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