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So is it safe to say that any of the animated sinking videos are inaccurate?
Cos all of them show the bow section pointing straight down before seperating then sinking down diagonally.
Mar 3, 1998
I haven't seen any animation of the sinking that I would sign up to. A real ship does not need to take on an extreme trim in order to tear itself apart. From a CGI perspective, it might actually look quite anticlimatic, unless it were exaggerated a bit.

In the other thread, I mentioned that the production company making "Raise the Titanic!" commissioned my Naval Architecture professor to come up with a technically plausible scenario for raising the ship. The result was that our final report was completely disregarded by the filmmakers. Why? Because we had the ship brought up gradually, on an even keel, not even breaking the surface of the water until it had been towed to shallow water. That wasn't dramatic enough for the producers, who had visions of the bow shooting up out of the ocean depths. In the end, the producers went with the cinematically-appealing shot. All that work for nothing....well, almost. They paid for one heck of a summer academic project. And my copy of the report makes for an interesting and unique addition to my Titanic library.


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