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Apr 11, 2001
Another thought before we tune into Time Tunnel again- I would hardly say Ismay "walked away from the whole thing with impunity"- he was a ruined man to the end of his days. Stanley Lord caught the heat too- but a funny thing about Tom Andrews- he was and IS still in his homeland a hero, in spite of the grievious design flaws of his ship. Anyway, Jan- what an extraordinary and unexpected way to spend a Friday evening- a remote channel changer and bottle of Pepto Bismol are in the mail! :)
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Jan said, "I doubt that we have any tendency to find things wrong with the crew and passengers. We aren't concerned with what was wrong with them, we just admire them all, even if they don't deserve that admiration."


Are we talking about the same ET forum? Just about any thread I go through, I see posters criticising just about everybody connected with the Titanic in sight! As to the "apologists", I don't know that they nominated any of the people they defend for sainthood. What they do attempt to do is to put them in their proper historical context and try to avoid the reductive good guy/bad guy thing in order to better understand these folks and the part they played in history.

This is hardly a bad thing.
May 12, 2005

As usual you take the most negative stance and make the most outrageous deductions. It's obvious and has been for a while that you have a very low opinion of many of us on this board. Frankly I'm dead tired of it. I mean, really, if we're all a bunch a nuts, then you ought to feel right at home.

Your comments as to ET members being blind, slavish admirers of Titanic passengers/crew is utter bilge. You show absolutely no respect for anyone here in making stupid remarks like that.

And leave it to you and your mucky pessimism to bring Elvis into the mix for Heaven's sake. For the record, I think your opinion of Elvis as a joke is just that - an opinion, a very nasty one, and not fact. As I see it, you're the one who's become a joke.

Jul 29, 2001
Just one minor observation on Jan's comments:

I don't understand how helping the FBI constitutes "stooping that low". Don't most citizens have a desire to help law-enforcement in any way they can? I know I do.


Don Tweed

Mar 30, 2006
Elvis and Titanic huh?
Well I have to agree with other members that we do not forgive and forget the crew and officers for that night.
As Michael stated we are all very critical on certain aspects and actions taken that night by individuals.
Some we praise, some we loathe.
As for Elvis, I like to remember him as the person he was in the beginning rather than the person he became.
I also see nothing wrong with wanting to help law enforcement. Is that not a persons duty?
Actually, I am very sorry Titanic and Elvis have left the building!!!


Richard K. Mason

What's up guys: Long time-no post,huh?

Been a rough year for me, so far. Anyway, for Don Tweed and anybody else who might wanna know, I saw an episode of the Twilight Zone on Sci-Fi tonight called, "No Time Like The Past". It featured an actor named Dana Andrews who goes back in time to try to prevent Hiroshima, Hitler, AND the sinking of the LUSITANIA! Un-successfully, of course. I think this might be where you got your idea in the above post about the Night Gallery "Lone Survivor" episode. Hey! You were almost right, guy! And to be honest, I'd never seen this TZ episode until tonight. BTW, they show Capt. Turner, and a sub firing a torpedo, but NO SHIP! Typical huh?

Take care.............Richard
Feb 21, 2003
I saw the episode of 'The Time Tunnel' about the Titanic. I saw it originally when it first premiered. This was the first episode in the series. I was immediately hooked on the series from that first show. It was just before I read 'A Night To Remember'. So that was my first ever exposure to Titanic and her story. The Time Tunnel is what got me interested in studying history (the Titanic interest came a bit later) and researching. I do not have cable and even when I did, we did not get the Sci-Fi channel so I do not get to see the Titanic Tunnel show. So I have not seen it since it originally aired a long time ago.

Richard K. Mason

In case you may not know, Columbia House is FINALLY going to release ALL of the Time Tunnel episodes on DVD in the late winter/early spring of 2004 including the original UN-CUT pilot episode about the TITANIC! Cool, huh?
Jan 29, 2001

For us Middle-Aged gentlemen, uh, you know the ones, and myself alike this premiere TIME TUNNEL and the accompanying VIEW MASTER, and the '68 Nat'l Geo, the #8 GOLDEN KEY child's encyclopedia were all part of a bellows which helped fan soothing coals which were intially sparked by our exposure to ANTR, while we were only young lads of a decade or so.

And yet it is ever so vivid...Living at So. Lake Tahoe. I was ten, with a SGT. ROCK comic in hand, afront the TV in the family room. My Mother was running the vaccum cleaner. I became so intrigued with this *black & white* movie, I moved in close to the screen...translike.

As a matter of fact, shortly thereafter I peddled my purple Schwin stingray complete with *sissy* bar and slick tires, to the *only* booksore in Tahoe and purchased my very own Batam release of ANTR for .95 cents.
Sounds wild, but to this moment I can see myself standing in the book ile upon finding the white with a burnt orange rendering of the Titanic sinking on cover softback.

Just as clear as the day I walked into my apartment and had my emotions rocked. Brokaw was reporting.."The sunken British Luxury Liner Titanic has been found".

Michael Cundiff
Feb 21, 2003
I just went to the Columbia House website and they do not have any information about 'The Time Tunnel'. Does anybody have anymore information as to it's DVD release?
Jul 12, 2003
Susan...you might try visiting the site of the studio that did the film and see if they have any announcements for VHS/DVD releases. I personally don't know who made that show.

Brian Ahern

Dec 19, 2002
This episode was on cable yesterday morning here in New York. Sorry - I don't remember the network. I had never seen the show before. The two main characters are zapped from 1966 onto the Titanic and go to a great deal of trouble - unsuccessfully - to keep the ship from crashing.

Once it has crashed and Captain Smith finally believes them, he grimly asks if he himself is to be one of the lost, and they matter-of-factly reply that, yes, they're very sorry, but he is.

The director only had 20 minutes left in the episode, so panic immediately breaks out as the ship lurches and trembles and masses of passengers in evening wear scramble for the boats, in many cases accidentally shoving each other overboard. Susan Hampshire appears as a fictional first class passenger who refuses to enter a lifeboat because an inoperable brain tumor is soon to kill her off anyway. But then one of the blokes from the future convinces her that the newfangled thing called neurosurgery she was on her way to NYC to investigate isn't just a flash in the pan. So she allows him to help her into a boat just before he and his friend are zapped into a different time and place altogether.

Just in case anyone was interested...
May 1, 2004
Pacifique du Nord
That's what got me interested in The Titanic. I still remember James Darren's famous line to Captain Smith: "This ship is DEAD and so is everyone on it unless you give immediate orders to lower the lifeboats!" Then James Darren gets thrown in the brig. After the collison Capt. Smith acknowledges Darren's prediction.

I had one of those stereoscopic viewers of that show. What were those things called? ViewMaster or something. Ooh, it was sooooo cool to see hi-res colour pics!

sharon rutman

Amen. Although I credit A Night To Remember (book and film) with launching my personal rendezvous with the Titanic, I'll never ever forget Time Tunnel's most memorable episode Rendezvous with Yesterday where I first glimpsed that ship of dreams. I still vividly remember the look on Tony Newman's (James Darren) face when he first glimpses the Titanic life preserver. It was just priceless. Sadly, Time Tunnel's demise was all too swift--but may live on in VHS/DVD heaven. I hope so--I got almost all the episodes including the Titanic on VHS until they suddenly stopped coming. I hope it won't be too long a wait for the DVD version to appear--it was a real sci-fi cult classic, thanks to Irwin Allen!

Eric Paddon

Jun 4, 2002
The first 15 episodes of "The Time Tunnel" are being released on DVD this coming Tuesday, which means fans of the Titanic centered pilot episode "Rendezvous With Yesterday" will get a chance to own this on the best possible home video format.

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