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Michael Cundiff

Hello Ms. Dziedzic:

I am seeking an avenue of which I can alas share my W.T. Stead letter with you and the other list members. I did note that TIS provides a physical mailing address. With your permisssion I would like to forward a color copy of the letter to you c/o of TIS? And along with my permission leave it up to you however you decide to provide it to others.

The letter is on a REVIEW OF REVIEW letterhead left border is TELEPHONE No. 2867 TELEGRAMS "VATICAN LONDON". Right border contains MOUBAR HOUSE, NORFOLK STREET STRAND, LONDON.W.C.

The letter is half-page hand-written in brown fountain pen, dated May 21 1903. It begins with...Dear Mr. Hutchinson. The content is in regards to Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. 21 P.3.
Signed..."Yours Sincerely W.T. Stead".

That is about all I can decipher. Perhaps with yours and the others help, the content of the letter may one day be disclosed.

I am without scanner capabilities and pretty much a dinosaur in this, the computer age...:-(
Also, I have lost my E-Mail ([email protected]) access. I was a guest of a another user, and for reasons unknow to myself was removed. It will take me sometime to reestablish my E-Mail. So for now ET and snail-mail are my only means of contact.

Thank You,

Michael Cundiff