Titanic 1943 Version

May 9, 2006
Thanks for the pointer, Jason. Considering that the running time of the film is 82 mins here, I have the sneaky suspicion that it will be the version I got on video, i.e. the one without the inquiry. - And according to the reviewers that is the case. Another one mentions that the inquiry was only tacked onto the film in 1950?

Of course, I'd like the version with the bonus features! Which would mean, acquiring a new DVD player and, if I consider this, I realise that I am not that desperate to see the extended film with bonus material after all.
May 9, 2006
Thanks for the information, Dave. I know, it's probably not worth getting it for those three minutes, and getting a new DVD player on top of that. But part of me still wants to have it, just to have it! So far the more sensible part of me has won over the collector.

Lana Baker

Nov 8, 2008
The 1943 "propaganda version" of Titanic is scheduled to air on Turner Classic Movies again on Sunday, 29 November, 2009, at 2:00 AM. (Technically, it will air on Monday the 30th at 2 AM, but it's listed on TCM's Web site that way.) "A Night to Remember" will follow it.

Matt DiTullio

Jun 2, 2008
Thanks Lana!

I really do enjoy this version even if it is entirely wrong historically. Riveting for 1943. I wonder if any University WWII classes show this?
I happened to catch this one on TCM last night. I must say, the sets weren't bad. Didn't pay full attention at first... laundry. But I did enjoy it despite it's not so subtle inaccuracies.
I was so bummed that they played ANTR after, because I would have been up far too late. Because I had to work the next day, all day, I only got to watch the first twenty minutes or so. I have been trying to catch it on t.v. for about three years now.
I am not for sure I want to buy it, although I have heard nothing but rave reviews about it.

However, I went to TCM's website and requested they play it again, because I couldn't figure out the website.... maybe someone here understands their site better than me. Any help is appreciated. lol
Since we had the Artifact exhibit here until september, ANTR has become slightly out of my price range. Read the book, loved the book, so I am pretty sure I will enjoy the movie. Sorry for rambling on. Time for bed.

Try ebay for ANTR. I saw a used copy for $2.99. It's *essential* viewing if you've got a more-than-casual interest in the Titanic. Hands-down, the best Titanic movie out there. Beautifully-produced, well-scripted, and has a wonderful style and panache about it that other Titanic films don't.
Dec 8, 2000
Kendra, I agree with Jeremy - and I don't usually plug eBay. Last time I looked there were very cheap ANTR dvds available. Unfortunately the copy I have is the movie only, none of the extras. I must do something about it one day and would start by looking at eBay for that, too.
May 3, 2005
And doesn't Captain Smith's beard make him look a bit Satanic !!!!???
You can watch this with English Sub Titles on youtube.

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