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Jul 14, 2002
I'd like to share somethig with you all that bothers me everytime I watch the movie Titanic (1997). Moments before Frederick spots the iceberg, he is seen, with the other lookout watching Rose and Jack on the deck. They seem to watch them for a short while and comment on them. Then Frederick turns around and spots the iceberg growing closer and closer. Maybe this never bothered anyone else, but to me, it always seems to give the impression of WHY the lookouts didn't see the berg sooner, yet the whole Jack and Rose story is completely fiction. To all the people out there with little background on Titanic, this might influence their thinking regarding the disaster. While watching the movie with my neice a few months ago, she asked me if that is why they "crashed into the ice" meaning the lookouts were too busy looking at the passengers. I just wanted your comments, maybe I am reading into this too much. After all, I enjoyed the movie, and thought it to be somewhat accurate all the way through. -Eric-
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
I never gave it much thought, but I think you raise a valid point. I wish I had a penny for every time I was asked about the movie, or heard it referred to as a useful source of information. I could retire on the interest income from same!

My own belief is that if anything, they may have taken turns ducking behing the walls of the crowsnest. That ship generated wind would have put the wind chill factor down to 16 or 17 degrees. Rather bracing to say the least, and they had to put up with it for two hours!

John Meeks

Really makes you wonder about Rose pretending to be a Rolls Royce mascot, in that gossamer-thin gown...with all that wind chill, doesn't it!


John M

Don Tweed

May 5, 2002
If you scroll down a little on the movies thread you will see a thread called, It was all Jack and Roses fault!!!
We kind of had a field day poking fun at this very thought!
Best reguards, Don

Mary Hamric

May 4, 1999
Cameron designed that scene because he thinks that our favorite lookouts were distracted by SOMETHING...who knows what.

That's his opinion anyway and hence, the scene.

Stuart Reid

Was it true what the old rose said at the end of the film once the ship had sunk that 'there were 20 boats flotting by and only 1 came back, 1'. I've done some research and there were more boats then just one that came back. I just wanted to know why she said that.
Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

Ben Holme

Feb 11, 2001
Hi Stuart,

I'm afraid Old Rose's remark about boats was as exaggerated as the perplexing "statistic" that followed: "Six were saved from the water, myself included." While it is technically correct that one boat - Officer Lowe's boat #14 - actually *returned* to the wreck, boat #4, which was much closer to the scene, did manage to pick up 6 or 7 swimmers. Two other boats, collapsibles A and B, were totally incapapble of offering any assistance at all, ruling them out. In regards her "six saved" comment, it was in fact double that figure if you exclude the occupants of A and B who had clung to the two boats after they had been washed off the deck.

Hope this helps.


sharon rutman

I didn't like the way the salvage team was portrayed. Brock Lovett and his partner Boudine were depicted as a pair of callous slobs--after Lovett makes his little hypocritical message about the Titanic in his submarine, Boudine laughs and says you're full of s--t boss. Really! That's just plain nasty.

Also, I thought old Rose was just as stupid just simply tossing the Heart Of The Ocean Diamond overboard toward the end of the flick. I can't believe she had that thing all that time--Brock looked like an idiot opening the safe and not finding the necklace. What a nasty little witch she turned out to be.

Tracy Smith

Nov 5, 2000
South Carolina USA
I always wondered why she didn't sell the necklace at some point during her life to make life easier for herself and other family members. I can see why she didn't do it while Hockley was still alive, but I don't see why she didn't do so afterwards.

Adam McGuirk

May 19, 2002
She held on to it because that was her last connection to Jack, the man she really loved. There was no need for Cameron to have her come on to the Keyldish and say that she sold it. For one thing, the salvagers wouldn't believe she was who she said she was. If she would have sold it to get money for the family the family would wonder where she got the money. She would eventually have to explain what happened and who she was which I don't think she wanted to do. Sometimes secrets are best kept hidden. There was no real life family who needed money so Cameron shouldn't have had her sell it for that reason eiether. Remember, it is all make-believe.

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