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Titanic: 20 Years Later with James Cameron

Discussion in 'Titanic Documentaries' started by Lucas Szydlowski, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. I just found out that this documentary is making its debut on Sunday, November 26th at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time on the National Geographic Channel. This is the basic synopsis:

    "Titanic: 20 Years Later With James Cameron looks back at all the critical choices made during the film and puts them to the test facing a wealth of new resources — including new underwater footage, computer-generated simulation, and scholarly research. Cameron speaks with the descendants of John Jacob Astor, Molly Brown, and Isidor and Ida Straus, bringing renewed awareness to the generations of families impacted by the loss of the Titanic. Taking audiences through his personal journey in making the film, Cameron creates a living history, giving context to the choices he made during production based on the historical facts and science available at the time. Looking through the filter of the film itself, and the choices Cameron made as writer, producer and director, Titanic: 20 Years Later With James Cameron explores the movie through a fresh lens utilizing intelligence compiled over the past 20 years.

    To consider the evolution of knowledge since the film was made, Cameron assembles a team of the world’s leading Titanic experts, including National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Robert Ballard, who discovered the Titanic in 1985 and is on camera with Cameron in their first joint interview ever. Also included are Parks Stephenson (historian, documentarian and naval systems engineer), Don Lynch (historian and author) and Ken Marschall (visual historian and world’s foremost creator of Titanic artwork)."

    And to top it all off, it's also going to feature content that is provided by the developers of the video game "Titanic: Honor and Glory". If you ask me, I'd say I'm pretty excited about this. What do you think? Here's the link: National Geographic to Premiere Titanic: 20 Years Later with James Cameron, One-Hour Documentary Global Event Special Marks 20th Anniversary of Blockbuster Film “Titanic”
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  2. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    The date has been marked! This just may be my dream documentary...
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  3. Now that's a nice preview... That's right, folks, the director of "Titanic" and the discoverer of the real ship itself working side-by-side for the first time!


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  4. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    I’m also very excited about the new sinking simulation. Wondering what will be different about it this time, given that about only five years have passed since the last official one.
  5. Not that I know of, but I know that apparently, they're doing something like this:
  6. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member


    They using a scale model! :)

    I definitely going to watch this...
  7. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    Odd that Cameron was so adamant about his last one being his ¨Final Word¨, and yet is back for more Titanic documentaries.
  8. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    Then again, the documentary will no doubt be interesting, and I will probably try to catch it.
  9. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    That’s exactly what i was thinking.
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  10. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    Maybe they want to reveal something...
  11. "Titanic" = $$$s
  12. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    I be honest and say I did want to say this but thought it was too cruel...

    Thanks Samuel Halpern. ;)
  13. Then again, there's always room for improvement...
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  14. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    Okay I think I found the reason...

    I think Samuel Halpern wins this round: The Answer was Money!

    This seems really odd however, given as mentioned above they not only did they show ''The Final Word'' documentary back in 2012, but they also released the new 3D version to celebrate the 100 anniversary anyway. Why do it again just a few years later?

    The Trailer is literally the same one from 2012!
  15. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Member

    When has it never been about money? The Titanic museum in Belfast feels like a dedication to the ship and the film.

    The 'I'm flying statue' at the entrance of the museum.


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  16. What if the profits gained from the re-release of the movie could go into funding "Titanic: Honor and Glory", for which the developers behind it are corresponding with James Cameron for this documentary?
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  17. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    Not such a crazy idea. This game really has been taking a while due to lack of proper funding, but I wouldn’t mind waiting another ten years for it to be perfect! Major funding would probably push the game out by mid 2018. James Cameron would definitely be interested in the cause, so I don’t see why he wouldn’t fund it. I also found out that there is going to be a documentary on “Titanic: Honor and Glory” all by itself sometime in March/April of next year on television.
  18. Really? Where did you find that source of information?
  19. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    Right from Tom Lynskey’s instsgram:

    He replied under the username @thetominator2
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  20. Thank you, just looked up the Instagram post.