Titanic 90 Years Below is on History Channel TONIGHT at 8pm


Andrew Parodi

I saw a preview of it, and it looks amazing. This looks like the best footage - the most colorful and detailed - ever released.

Here is info on it:

Titanic: 90 Years Below
90 min.
A history of the Titanic, which sank in 1912, includes footage of salvage dives. (VCR Plus+ 8011908)

Rating: TV-G
Category: Documentary
Release Year: 2002

Additional Airings
Date Time Channel VCR Plus+
Wednesday, 25 12:00 AM 58 HIST 7990380

Andrew Parodi

Yeah, it occurred to me that I had seen this before. But it's nice to see it again. Actually, I had missed the first 15 minutes or so the first time. I had just stumbled upon it while channel surfing.

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