Titanic 90 Years Below

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This program, featuring Robert Ballard, Arnie Geller and others will by shown in Australia on the History Channel on 22 and 23 of October.

It seems to have been around for a while. Any comments?
The title strikes a bell, but I don't remember an awful lot about it. I seem to recall that there was some debate about the merits of salvage/conservation (Hence Dr. Ballard on the one side and Arnie Geller on the other) but I could have my wires crossed on that.
Don't remember seeing this listed on pay-tv in Australia before but I'm very much looking forward to watching this. This past month has been very good in terms of range of choice in Titanic related specials. The DVD recorder has been getting a good workout that's for sure!

Slatinac Sergio

This documentary has many footage of the ship,including attempts to find the titanic.
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