Titanic adventure out of time DVD

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Stephen Maize

May 4, 2006

Interactive Menu
Languages:English,French,German and Polish
Subtitles:English,French,German and Polish
Scene Selection:Select your game that you saved so that you can start where you left off.
Mono,Dolby Surround 2.0 and 5.0
Fully Restored 3D music soundtrack.
Fully Restored Dialogue(in clear,crisp Dolby Surround Sound.)

COMMENTARIES:Hear the producer,actors and the game developer talk about how they produced the game for CD-ROM.
TITANIC TOUR:Tour the titanic without the interruption of gameplay and learn facts from interesting tour guides.
SCREENSAVER:100 images of screenshots of the game and see screenshots that never made it into the game.
Deleted scene:A deleted scene of Eric Burns trying to find a boatpass to get his wife "Stephanie" into a boat.
Funny Tidbits:read what each of the characters said to you off-camera
during the game.
Titanic Constuction:see the wireframes of the whole titanic ship and see the areas of the ship in development(before and after completion.)
TITANIC ADVENTURE OUT OF TIME HINTS AND SOLUTIONS BOOK:A guide to help you find solutions on the diffecult puzzles in the game.
MOVIES:see interviews with the creators of the game and learn how they created the game.
TRAILER:see the original titanic movie trailer and a pre-release version of the trailer.
PROMOTIONAL:see the titanic adventure out of time game boxes in
different languages and view different titanic adventure out of time
game logos.
Screenshots:take a chance to see areas of the ship.
production notes:read about how the game was created and learn about the CD-ROM company that made the game "Cyberflix."
Original Titanic Website:see the website in all its splendor(including titanic history and merchandise.)
Sneak Previews including screenshots:See previews of the game "Dust:A Tale of the wired west","SkullCracker","JumpRaven","Lunicus","Timelapse",and Redjack:Revenge of the Brethen.
Also Included with the DVD:A titanic:adventure out of time demo titled "The lost mission",a mini-advenure that tests your
skills as a secret-agent.

Wouldn't it be fun if this DVD was real?
Not open for further replies.

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