Titanic - Adventure out of time, now in 4k! (Interpolated)

Oliver K

Jul 8, 2018
Hello! For the last few days i have been working on taking screenshots of the classic PC game Titanic Adventure out of time (released in 1996!) and up-scaling them to 4k or at least near 4k resolution, it was really fun doing this as this game is really nostalgic for me and triggers feels that no other game has yet to trigger.

Now, the problem being that no online image host (nor this site) wants to deal with the files because of how big they are, so i'm going to have to find a way of getting these screenshots onto the internet.

These screenshots were made using period software, a Virtual Machine running Windows 2000 with a copy of Paintshop Pro 6 and T:AOOT installed, i then launch the game into tour mode and take a screenshot of a particular scene or object, then i would paste the screenshot into Paintshop Pro, crop it, then upscale to 4k, just the fact that software made before the year 2000 is capable of working with 4k files, i guess it would probably struggle with video though, this is only screenshots, and 4k is around 8 Megapixel, though it is only interpolation meaning it will never make the game look better, only the screenshots are bigger and have "more" data in them, but nothing more is added to the screenshot.

If i can't get the files to upload, i will most likely downscale the screenshots to 4-5 Megapixel which is still massive compared to the original 640x480 game.

I also have other plans, such as re-creating the Secret Report, Rubaiyat, and Termination Letter in PDF form.

Screenshots can be downloaded here at WeTransfer

Hope you like them! You only have a week to download them before WeTransfer removes the download, there will probably be another set coming next week however.
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