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Oct 15, 2006
I loved this game but I have some questions... In the ship tour options, how can we have access to First class lounge? Because, I finished the game and during the sinking, we have access to first class lounge but in the tour option, the door is locked...And, it is normal that there are only three people who are in the tour option(The steward, the photograph in the first class smoking room and the philosophist in the turkish bath) because I would like to see the other characters, especiall the Gorse-Jenese, or a thing like that, who are so sympathetic...And finally, in ship tour option, do you have access to other first class cabins like Sacha's cabin or Lady Georgia's cabin?

Sorry for my english, my native language is french
Jul 11, 2001
Hello Jonathan,

The first class lounge is only open during the final part of the game. You cannot get in on the tour part. It is the same for the other characters cabins. You can only see them during the game. Try it. It is quite addictive!
May 3, 2005
Hello Jonathan and David-

>>It is quite addictive!<<

How true ! I actually managed to "win" a few times, believe it or not ! :)
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