Titanic and Freemasonry


Leonard McClounie

Hi Robert, I belong to Parvaim 395 up here in Canada, in Ontario. I am a Past Master and I have long been interested in if there was any meeting of the brethren on the ship and what conversations were made in reference to the sinking. I am also trying to compose a list of the masons on board..
You can read the story of the VA dues card recovered from the body of Brother Oscar Scott Woody after the Titanic sank.. Which after nearly 100 years, on November 11, 2006 the water stained dues card finally made its way back to Virginia and is currently on display in the Grand Lodge of Virginia museum. The story is at...



Neil T

Hi all,

Does a list of Freemasons that were onboard the Titanic exsist yet ? Any help would be appriciated. Please email me. Thanks in advance.


I'm getting information together for an article that I hope to have published in the Midnight Freemason on the 110th anniversary of the sinking (April 14, 2012).
You should have no shortage of material, there were a lot of Freemasons aboard the Titanic. Men who came from all different kinds of social backgrounds.

(First Class Passengers)

John Baumann,
John Brady,
Archie Butt,
Howard Case,
William Frauenthal,
Henry Harris,
Alexander Holverson,
Harry Molson,
William Walker,

(Second Class Passengers)

Rev. Robert Bateman,
William Gilbert,
Robert Knight (H&W Guarantee Group),
Robert Leyson,
Philip Stokes,
William Turpin,

(Third Class Passengers)
Alexander Thompson,
Oscar Hedman,
Arthur O'Keefe,


Henry Ashe (third class glory hole steward),
Alfred Deeble (first class saloon steward),
Edward Dodd (jnr. third engineer),
George Dodd (first class asst. chief steward),
John Hardy (second class chief steward),
Aragõa Harrison (first class saloon steward),
Herbert Harvey (jnr. asst. second engineer)
Henry Hill (third class steward),
Arthur Lawrence (first class saloon steward),
Herbert Pitman (third navigating officer),
John Strugnell (first class saloon steward),
Robert Wareham (first class bedroom steward),
James Widgery (second class bath steward),
Oscar Woody (postal clerk),

Survivors Harold Lowe (fifth navigating officer), Albert Burrage (second class plates steward), Frank Aks (third class passenger), Willie Coutts (third class passenger) and August Wennerström (third class passenger) all became Masons in the years after the disaster.

Charles Groves of the Californian and Lord Mersey who headed the British Inquiry were both also Masons. Mersey was quite a high ranking one IIRC.

Although not a Mason myself, I do have a great regard for the voluntary work and charity fundraising many lodges do for their local communities, including my own. A good bunch of blokes.
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