Titanic And Other Ships And An Interview With CHL

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I realized that a lot of people on here have not been able to read TAOS through an inability to get a hold of a copy, and I had the same problem for quite a while, until I found a transcribed copy of it on scribd. Here is the link if anyone would like to read it online for free - I did about 6 months ago.


There's also an interview with him done sometime late in life available here, which gives a basic account of the sinking in his own words, or for those interested, just a good example of his rather distinctive voice!


I hope this helps someone!

Trevor Rommelley

His book is now available for purchase too (according to Ships Monthly). Has a nice painting of the Olympic on the cover too.
Oh - good to know! Thanks for pointing that out! I guess it depends whether or not people are willing to shell out the dough, or are an old cheapy like me! :p
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