Titanic and Other Ships


Maxim A. Nikulin

Well Mary I sent you message in Russian-
and here I suppose it's not very friendly
to talk language many people do not understand..

Vsego Horohego

Mary S. Lynn

Sosyedyushka, moi svyet. Da, pozhalsta, English is the preferred language, so it's best to use it. I copied the Lightoller book in its entirety from this site, and it has proven to be a wonderful source of information on a Titanic hero. Your English is far better than my limited Russian, so I don't think you'll have a problem reading "A Night to Remember". Enjoy! Or..as your neighbors to the northwest might say, "Oofta!"

Maxim A. Nikulin

Still I must admit that ET Forum is the
most kind and friendly place I came across
on the net- I know many people here BUT
You probably not know how low are wages for historians in Russia-If I could I'd take a
first flight to US or UK- my research is grand
it's big --still it's handwritten still as
I still do not have a computer-so I 'm in desperate search for new ideas friends and
people who want to see my works through
all the troubles I have...

Mary S. Lynn

Maxim - wages for the very educated in Russia - including "liberated" Russia - have been historically low. Engineers/Historians with a couple of PhDs, published theses, and genius ability have generally been overlooked - because there are so many of them! Education was/is always a premium in Russia. My ex, who travelled to Uzbekistan frequently, had a problem with the multiple PhD engineer and family living in a small on-site trailer with no utilities that he stayed with, while he owned a 3000 square foot modern 5-bedroom, 4 bathroom home with every convenience imaginable...cable for four TVs, three phone lines, laundry, microwave, four cars, etc. The wife was an M.D, and a specialist in neurological disorders, who did laundry by hand and weeded a pathetic potato patch. Do you wonder why we packed extra suitcases with cheap American goodies? It was/is all very sad. And, no...I cannot sponsor you.

Maxim A. Nikulin

What a pity Mary-and yet I'm not givin ' up.
Still I didn't asked you personally to
"sponsor me" but I wanted to hear some advises
--still I'm ready to leave Russia if needed
for 1 month and for years if needed...
Still I've to much to think of -my Archives etc
and I cannot spend too much time on searchin'
'sponsors ' YET I can find 'em -believe me,
I have a great mind from Our Lord Above
As Always-

Lynda Franklin

I found the Lightoller book and I started downloading until I realized I had no IDEA what US copyright law was so I will purchase it.I am not into breaking thelaw.

Inger Sheil

Dec 3, 2000
Hallo Brigitte -

That's the link Pat Winship referred to in the first post in this thread. And it's thanks to Pat that the Australian Gutenberg site has the book online!

mark garfien

This is sort of random but when ever I read the Titanic chaters of TAOS I always sort of feel bad for Lights. It must have been hard for him to write about the Tragadey.
Sep 22, 2003
Coatesville, PA
I'll have to pick up a copy sometime since I noticed a modern reprint on Amazon recently. its been on my want list for years but high prices have held me back for a while now I however I look forward to finally reading this book