Titanic Anniversary 2020

today is the exact day the titanic sank it has been 108 years!!!!!! question should we celebrate or not I know it is a sad day but should we make the celebration like a funeral? or celebrate it with happiness

ed green

I just joined this great page now after discovering it while observing the 108th anniversary on Tuesday evening. I watched a great live stream, following those historic events 108 years ago. I also kept the all the people involved in my thoughts during that time. It is great meeting this like minded group with a similar interest. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their knowledge, talent and time to Titanic !
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In the time of COVID19, horn players and percussionists from different walks of life recorded separate parts in complete self isolation. The end result is that 13 quarantined musicians were brought together to craft something beautiful and honor the legacy of April 15, 1912.
As a lifelong Titanic person and horn player I think I can really say that this is an utterly unique and inspired project.
Where else on this planet will you find something like this?
Please feel free to share with all your friends
Best regards,
Lou Denaro
The musicians are:
Horn 1 - Kyle Anderson
Horn 2 - Tawnee Lynn
Horn 3 - Evan James Young
Horn 4 - Evan James Young/Nathanael Udell
Horn 5 - Jaime Lynne
Horn 6 - Gabriella Ibarra
Horn 7 - Alex Mastrando
Horn 8 - Kelly Cändace
Horn 9 - Ian Vlahović
Horn 10 - Kyra Sims
Horn 11 - Shanyse Strickland
Horn 12 - Nathanael Udell
Timpani - Chris Colaneri
Traps Percussion - Sean J. Kennedy
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I watched A Night To Remember and very eerily timed it quite unknowingly so that the Titanic in the film actually sank the same time as did the real Titanic!
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