Titanic appearance in animated series - Interesting Fact Time

Logan Horning

Dec 4, 2018
I saw this series on YouTube called "Interesting Fact Time". In Episode 6, the show's protagonist, Tim, and a guest character, Harry, who has long hair, go on a duel in the North Atlantic to become millionaires. Harry wins the duel by using raising the Titanic by pulling it upwards with his hair. Tim stares at the ship in shock and then looks down on the water looking depressed, either because he lost the duel, or he's having a memory from his past life in which he died on the Titanic. Not only that, but they somehow decided to put in Disco music after the ship was raised. Also, the model that they used looks so inaccurate. First off all, the cartoon depicts the wrecking as intact with all 4 funnels still attached, when it should have been shown as broken in half. Second, it looks like they got a stereotypical cruise ship, edited the image so that there would be 4 funnels, and slapped "Titanic" on the front just to get more views. Here's a shot from the show of the "Titanic" being raised, just to show you how inaccurate the model is.


If anybody wants to see the episode, as well as the first season, here's the link: (WARNING: This show is known to make viewers cringe.)
(Episode 6 is at 6:59, and the Titanic part is at 8:20.)
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