Titanic Artifact Exhibition, staff, volunteers share memories

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There have been quite a few Titanic exhibits and museums- how many people here have worked or volunteered at one of the traveling Titanic Artifact Exhibitions, or the Titanic Ship of Dreams Exhibit in FL, the Titanic Museum in Branson, or any other Titanic themed exhibit or gala ?

Please share what the experience meant to you- What was the highlight? Was it working around the objects from the Titanic, or was it interacting with the scores of fellow Titanic buffs that came to visit? What was it like for you to work around the Titanic objects for the first time? Did that sense of awe ever wear off? I worked at the Titanic Artifact Exhibits from 1998-2000 in Boston, St. Paul, Toronto, Chicago and Dallas- highlights were interacting with thousands of Titanic buffs, working up close with the newly raised 'Big Piece', and being at the whistle tests and being one of the first people to pull the lever to sound Titanic's whistles. It was a short time, but I treasure those memories..None of my jobs since have been anywhere near as interesting...

I'm very interested to read the accounts of other people- Accounts of people who have also worked or volunteered at Titanic themed exhibits/museums -be it the travleing Titanic Artifact exhibition ,the Titanic Ship of Dreams exhibit in Florida, or the Titanic museum in Branson- If you were (or are) a staff member or volunteer- what are your favorite memories of the experience?


Tarn Stephanos
I checked out the Titanic Branson webcam and it appears they made their April 12th deadline in finishing the "train shed" shelter along the starboard side of the ship. Zooming in, one can see the period streetlights and decorations on top of the roofs. Robert H. Gibbons

sashka pozzetti

Its nice to see a building project finished on time!!! It looks much better than the car park!
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