Titanic artifactephemera collection for sale

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Gary Robinson

Hello folks: I wasn't sure what category
to place this post under so I'll list it
under this one and the Marketplace as well.

I am writing to inform list members that I have been asked by a non-profit organization
to authenticate, appraise and market a large
collection of original Titanic-related artifacts
and ephemera that has been donated. The organization intends to sell the various items
in the collection to raise funds for their scientific/educational pursuits since the individuals who donated the collection have given
them full permission to do so. There are some
very exciting items that have never been offered
for sale before. It will be a private sale to
collectors/organizations, not a public auction.
A catalogue is being produced so if you would
like to be placed on the list to receive one when
they are ready, please email me your full mailing
address. There is no cost for the catalogue and
with any luck it should be ready within a month's
time. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from
you with your shipping address.


Gary Robinson
Oneonta, New York

Please email me at: Robinson@dmcom.net
Hi, Gary!

Nice to see you here, old chap! I hope you'll stick around and become a regular -- your contributions would be greatly appreciated by everyone here.

Take care, my friend.

All my best,

Hi Gary:

Nice to *see* from you again.

BTW, however still unpublicized at this time...my collection is still at one's bekon call.

I would rather part with it has a whole.

Over 17 yrs. I amassed a wonderful assortment of the *fab four*.
I am seeking an alternative route to part with my cherished holdings.

Perhaps you coud contact me via: NAUTILE125 @AOL.COM

Best of luck to you,

Michael A. Cundiff
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