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Titanic Barber Shop Souvenirs

Discussion in 'How to Pass the Time' started by Michael George, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I know that people could buy a number of different Souvenirs from the Barber Shop on White Star Ship's, but does anybody know what the different type of things were? I'm mainly interested in what one's you could get on Titanic.


    Michael George.
  2. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    Michael, I can't recall much offhand, but you'll find a bit about this in "Titanic: Fortune and Fate". One thing I know for sure was a ribbon with the ship's name on it, something like a sailor's hat tally. One of these survives and is mentioned on this site. I think it was saved by one of the Drew family inside a spectacle case. The other things were the usual bric-a brac. The barbers also sold useful things, such as collars and studs for the men.
  3. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    There was Father Browne's pin cushion, bought as a gift for his niece: "I am sending you a pin cushion, I got here in the Barbers Shop, it is not beautiful but it may be useful". A good investment - it last changed hands, I believe, for £17,000.

  4. Hello all from a snowy southern Greece (-4 degrees) at two o'clock in the afternoon!!! Did the barber shop include semi-valuable objects as souvenirs (jewelry, silver, crystal, china objects etc)? Thank you!
  5. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    I doubt it, George. Photos of barber shop displays on other liners reveal collections of cheap souvenirs which were, as Father Browne would say, 'not beautiful' and in most cases not useful either! Basically the kind of stuff that holidaymakers buy in souvenir shops in English seaside towns - like the little china watering can marked 'A present from Folkestone' which you can see in your book. That wasn't bought on board, but it's the same kind of 'cheap and cheerful' souvenir that the barber would have stocked. Later on the Olympic there were proper shops which would have probably sold items of better quality.

    Good to see that you finally have that book - now at last you have good deckplans and excellent pictures of jewelry, so you must be a happy man!
  6. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Another item supposedly intended for sale from the barber's shop can be seen in the Southampton Maritime Museum. It's a spoon, with an engraving of the ship in the bowl and the handle engraved and pierced to spell out 'RMS Titanic'.
  7. Thank you Bob for your nice words, the book is indeed great!!! Cheers ...
  8. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    George, I see from my notes that among the souvenirs were egg cups and scent boxes. Being a barber was a rather good job. White Star provided the stock for the shop and the barber only paid for those he sold.

    Would you kindly e-mail me several tonnes of that snow. I saw it on TV tonight and you obviously have more than you need. Where I live it hit 45°C today. Tomorrow we expect a mere 37°C.
  9. Thanks Dave for your input! Where do you live actually? Today the snow has melted a bit but it is too cold for that time of the year (-9 in the evening and now +1 and it is one o'clock in the afternoon)!!!
  10. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Dave, somebody has to tell you. No matter how much snow we donate, your project to build a full size replica of the iceberg is doomed to failure unless you move out of the tropics.
  11. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Member

    >>No matter how much snow we donate, your project to build a full size replica of the iceberg is doomed to failure unless you move out of the tropics<<

    My God, if Australia is the tropics, then where is Singapore??!! lame.gif
  12. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    George and Jeremy, I'm on the northern edge of Adelaide, South Australia, which is far hotter than the tropics. It was 42°C today in the city, maybe more at home. Our weather is a long war between the cold Southern Ocean and the heat of the inland deserts of Central Australia. Right now the deserts are winning.
  13. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Member

    Maybe you are hotter for now, but then here its summer the whole year round! I visited Adelaide in June 1998, and if I remembered correctly, it was 15°C.

    Don't forget also that where you live is not as humid as here, we have an average of 80% here which makes the hotness worse. Right now humidity 87% and 35°C. Its unsually hot today. Aarrgghh!!!
  14. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    Jeremy, that sounds about right. Singapore is like our Darwin.
  15. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Member

    Yup, Darwin is all the way at the northern tip of Australia, so the climate would be similar.
  16. Lee Gilliland

    Lee Gilliland Member

    As long as we're on the Barber Shop, I know that men generally had their own shaving mugs kept at the local barber's they patronized each day - but did those mugs travel with them, or did they just use the ones already on Titanic?
  17. Inger Sheil

    Inger Sheil Member

    We've had a few of those days in Sydney as well, Dave...it's with furnace conditions like that I have cause to be grateful for living right by the sea. We're usually a few degrees down from the City...and as many as 5 or more from the Western suburbs where I've been staying with a mate the last few days (thank God for aircon, Cosmopolitans, Daiquiries and eskies). Jason, 35C does sound like a notch or two up on what I was accustomed to in Singapore - have you had the daily thunderstorm yet, swelling all the stormwater drains and flooding Bukit Timah Road?

    Bob, I seem to recall that the pincushion went under the hammer at the BTS convention a few years back? 2001, it might have been. One of my colleagues sitting next to me and paying wrapt attention - a keen auction watcher for many years - was astonished that it went for as little as it did...he was tempted to go for another mortgage and put his own paddle up. We later had a friendly blue about it, as I nominated an album of photos featuring some crewman who would go on to serve aboard the Titanic as being something I'd rather spend the money on. Apples and oranges, but it did demonstrate the differences in how we value items.

    My favourite WSL souveneir item dates originated on one of Lowe's later vessels, late 1920s - early 30s. A cleverly nested group of shotglasses in a case shaped like a bullet, bearing the legend 'take a shot'.
  18. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Member

    >>35C does sound like a notch or two up on what I was accustomed to in Singapore - have you had the daily thunderstorm yet, swelling all the stormwater drains and flooding Bukit Timah Road?<<

    If only we had the rain! The plants in my garden are all dying!!!
  19. A souvenier bought from Titanic's barber shop will be among the things sold at the upcoming Titanic auction in NYC....


    Tarn Stephanos
  20. Ben Lemmon

    Ben Lemmon Member

    I feel like a god tonight, resurrecting old posts (OK, that sounds like sacrilege). I wonder, did the First Class Barbershop sell teddy bears? I'm thinking they actually did for a couple reasons. 1) Titanic: The Ship Magnificent says and I quote: "There was no set merchandise available; it varied depending on what was popular and what was available." In 1912, teddy bears were extremely popular, as I have been led to believe. So it would seem that it would be there because it is popular. 2) When young Douglas Spedden arrived on the Carpathia, he mistakingly left his bear, Polar, in the lifeboat he was on. When Polar was returned to his Master, Spedden had already gotten another bear at the ship's barbershop! If Cunard's Carpathia had an assortment of bears within their collection, wouldn't you assume they would have bears in the Titanic's barbershop? Can you find any reason why there wouldn't be a bear in stores? Any response will be, as always, appreciated.

    If only our good old friend Mr. Marshall Drew were here. He could probably tell us what the Titanic to offer, since he got a ribbon in there and everything. *Sigh*