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Titanic - Belfast to Southampton

Discussion in 'General Titanica' started by standrewsec, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. standrewsec

    standrewsec Member

    I don't know where to place this post in the forum so I am placing it under General Titanica.

    My name is Les Allan and I am from Belfast. My grandfather, Alexander Allan, was a master joiner during the construction of the Titanic.

    He left Belfast on board Titanic for the sea trials and the trip to Southampton as part of a snagging squad - NOT the guarantee crew.

    The snagging squad just travelled to Southampton. They were carrying out final finishing work during the sea trials. This squad is like the team a building contractor sends around new builds just to ensure that everything have been completed.

    The family has a piece of Titanic memorabilia, which has been authenticated, that was given to my grandfather when he disembarked at Southampton. In addition, we have his toolbox that also made the journey!

    I have searched the records in PRONI (Public Records Office for Northern Ireland) where I found the delivery crew and other lists but I cannot find any details of this 'snagging' squad. It is as if they did not exist. Perhaps as they were not part of the disaster there was no interest in them. I know that H&W had a 10 year document disposal policy so all records may have been lost.

    Is anyone aware of this squad?

    Attached is a general photograph taken at Harland & Wolff - This is NOT a photograph of the snagging squad!

  2. I have heard somewhere a similar story that there were some workers on board Titanic to complete the work during the voyage from Belfast to Southampton. They later returned to Belfast via Liverpool. There was a man named Thompson who in 1994 said that he belonged to them. I think he is mentioned in the Book called "Titanic Belfast's own" by Stephen Cameron. But I am not aware of any list.
  3. standrewsec

    standrewsec Member

    Thanks, ioannis, I'll look it up