Titanic Bloopers

Kurt Urbain

Oct 11, 2018
A funny goof I can never unsee in the ‘97 movie is when the stern is upright after the break up. A random guy falls and hits one of the big bollards, it bends and there’s an audible ‘clunk.’
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There are plenty of bloopers in all the Titanic related films. In A Night To Remember there was the non-existent Christening ceremony complete with a bottle of champagne, Kenneth More's Lightoller all but saving every survivor by himself (including floating off Collapsible A) and worst of all, the smoke from one of the funnels going the wrong way in one of the sinking frames (with Ismay's face in the foreground). The 1953 film Titanic and 1979 TV movie SOS Titanic are so full off bloopers that they are not even worth mentioning. But for a Titanic purist like me the biggest bloopers of all are in Cameron's film: they are called Jack and Rose.
Aaw, I have a special place for Rose and Jack in my heart :D
Nov 14, 2005
Without the Jack and Rose story Camerons Titanic would never had been made. I didn't mind the Jack and Rose story line. While pretty unrealistic it was entertaining. Without it we probably would have never got the best recreation of the ship so far in a movie.
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That is very true. A Night To Remember is still my favourite movie overall but the special effects on Titanic were quite stunning. I remember watching the trailer for the first time on the TV and was quite shocked and felt a bit sick.

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