Titanic blue prints on blue paper

Jake Thompson

Jan 26, 2006
My grandfather, who was born in ireland, and worked for H&W while building the olympic-class ships, had acquired a set of blueprints that he claims to be from the titanic, he passed away a few months ago and now no one can find the prints, how sad, i am going to his house sometime in the future to try and find the suckers, they could be very vaulable

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Feb 17, 2015
After seeing these on Discovery.com, I think I am going to have to break down and buy them.

I am going to have to build a library room in my house to store all of my Titanic stuff when it's said and done with. lol

I might buy them, I'm undecided. The detail is amazing on the deck views, though I'd like to see some more cross sections through the boiler casings and engine room because I'm trying to make a 3D model in Minecraft (computer lego) but top and side profile view doesn't quite give the whole picture. Any large space spanning multiple decks needs a cross section view in both directions, or maybe I lack imagination. I'm currently trying to build the boiler casing from the funnel down over boiler room 6 around E Deck and F Deck, wish I had a MRI scan of the ship :)

Also is there a glossary of acronyms for the plans? There is none on this website that I've seen. Things like HFW Tanks, LKR, TE, P, etc etc...

But overall it's extraordinary the work you've done on these plans Bruce, they are truly exceptional.


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