Titanic books & CDs for sale

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Joe Stein

May 1, 2003
greetings titanic enthusiasts!

i will be moving soon, and therefore i am selling alot of items from my titanic collection.

i'm not looking to make alot of money on this, and i'd be happy to

ship these items as inexpensive as possible.

my main goal is to find a good home for these things.

included are:

1) titanic - adventure out of time - 2 CD-ROM game
2) james camerons titanic explorer - 3 CD ROM's
3) titanic - compact disc - "unforgettable story as told by the survivors"
presented by titanic historical society.complete CBC broadcast on VANTAGE records.
4) the following books...... "inside the titanic" by ken marschall & hugh brewster............"extra titanic" over 100
pages of Titanic articles from various newspapers. huge book !.............."on board the titanic" ........also have a book by simon
adams called "titanic" published by eyewitness books/DK publishing.
5) also have some "misc" titanic stuff that i will throw in for free to anyone who purchases several items.

any questions ? just holler.
i'll answer all emails !
thanks for looking.

[email protected]
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