Titanic books for sale Gracie oceans greatest tragedy etc

Jan 7, 2002
Time are tight, and I'm open to sell some of my books- if interested, email me offlist with an offer for the individual book(s), or lot...I'm not up for trades at this time...-

"Ss Titanic-Oceans Greatest Tragedy", 1912- vg shape, does have my nameplate on inside cover, stained by Titanic rust

"Truth about the Titanic" by Archibald Gracie, 1913, rare green version, vg shape, does have nameplate on inside cover

"A Night To Remember" by Walter Lord, 1955, hardcover, great shape, does have nameplate on inside cover, and stained with titanic rust
"The Maiden Voyage" by G Marcus, Brit edition, with dj, vg shape, has nameplate on inside cover

"Titanic-End Of A Dream" by Wyn Craig wade, 1979, vg shape, does have nameplate on inside cover.


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