Titanic books you'd like to see written

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Strolling around the boards, I came across this post from Pat Winship, tucked at the end of a thread about Harold Bride and the press:

"Since Wyn Craig Wade has done such a fine job of writing the American Inquiry from William Alden Smith's point of view, it would be fascinating to have the flip side-- the same subject, written from the crew's point of view. It would necessarily have to be undertaken by a person on the eastern side of the pond, since that's where the primary sources would be. Any takers?"

Now, this does sound intriguing. And I know there has to be other ideas like this that someone has either posted or thought about.

So, what kind of Titanic book would you like to see written? It can either be nonfiction or fiction.
I want to see a Titanic book about collecting Titanic collectables.

In particular, a Titanic book about collecting books about the Titanic.

Such a book I would title the "Titanic Book book"
I'd like to see a tech book myself that's more in depth then the Shipbuilder Specials, and which deals in depth with the forensics of both the Titanic and Britannic sinkings.
With me hoping to go into a career of Architcture and design, I would like to see a book that details every room on the ship from floor plans to measurments to the type of material used in the rooms.

Nathan Good

I would really enjoy seeing a book showcasing hundreds of underwater stills taken from James Cameron's expedition inside the wreck. I'd like to see comparisons between underwater shots and archival shots of the Olympic and Titanic. Sort of like before and after shots, using similar angles, all highlighted with interpretations from experts on the Titanic's interior.

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Yes, a coffee table-sized companion book to the new Cameron documentary is being made. I'm really looking forward to this one!

I myself would like to see more passenger biographies. I enjoy reading about the lives of people from the past.
The book I want to see written (and it is at the moment from what I understand) is a biography of every passenger and crew member. Its always been the people who were on the Titanic that has held my interest. I can't wait for the day to see this book.

Jason D. Tiller

I'd also be interested in seeing a book on the technical aspects of the ship.

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I would love to see a book, about Sir Arthur
Rostron, with pictures, such as how he looked
when he was older, what happened to him, later
in his career,etc. You can find this information
but it is in scattered books and takes a lot
of time to accumulate. Patty
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