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Christian Getzin

Hi there...
I'm new to this board, so plz forgive me if I ask something allready answered here
actually I tried to find the stuff I'm searching for via "search" but maybe I did it wrong or there was realy no one that asked such stuff yet (can't believe)
allright, lets start ;-)
I'm interessted in titanic an all about it since a looong time now... visted many sites a few ago.. one of that sites contained a kind of decksplan that showed the estimated breakuplines and the parts that were lost and/or seperated during the breakup process... I'm trying to find this side or plans like that again but yet I had no success...

now I wonder if one of you (the techfreaks? ;-o) could provide me with the info I'm searching for?
I noticed that a bunch of you people are realy in that stuff, so maybe I'm lucky ;-)

again sorry if I asked a q, 34789348 times seen by you...
Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

You may find it useful to go to Roy Mengot's The Wreck of the RMS Titanic and when you click on the "Dive on the wreck of the Titanic", click on the box marked The Break Up.

You'll find a pretty good explaination of what probably happened. Unfortunately, I don't know where the site is that has the diagram you're looking for.

Christian Getzin

thanx alot, michael
unfortunatly I allready know this site, it's real good... but still... I need this locations...
I recall a site were they put lines on the deckplans, showing the "today" condition of the two parts... the parts that are missing.. and so on... maybe someone inhere could provide me with this information... that plans are not needed..
I just need the info where the stern section "ends".. and the bow section "ends" in the current state... so I could prolly make my lines myself to get a view of the break up damage and the sections lost in a whole... thanx ;-)

Brian R Peterson

Hi Christian!

To help answer your question, the ship broke between the third and forth funnels, as you may have already known - this area contained the largest open spaces in the hull, such as the First Class Dining Saloon and the First Class Lounge - large rooms with really no structural hull reinforcement. Now when the ship was sinking the bow sank and stern rose, and at around 2:10 am the Titanic was in her final stages, the bow was completely full of water at this point and the tremendous amount of weight generated by one, the ship supporting its own weight, plus the added weight of many hundreds of tons of water finally stressed the hull enough to cause the break. Now when the ship split, it separated between the third and fourth funnels, however there was a large piece of the hull in between the two faults that was wretched from the ship and fell away during the break and sank relatively intact. So to answer your question the points where the ship broke were right around the base of the third funnel and right before the forth funnel, the area in between are the third piece of the hull I spoke of. I hope this helps!

Best regards,