Titanic bShroud of Turinb for auction May 2011

This one is going to set a record - Lot 283 from the Henry Aldridge & Son auction at Devizes on May 28 next.
Currently finishing a few days on display (exposition?) in Belfast, it is like a nautical shroud of Turin - a 32 and a half feet detailed profile of the Titanic where they have actually marked "the wounds" in red.
A staggering, enormous artefact, used throughout the British Inquiry. Astonishing and marvellous to behold.
Estimate GBP £80,000-£120,000.
It was a fantastic privilege to be able to see this over Easter.

I hope it will be a museum buying it or failing that an individual who will loan it out.
Lovely surprise yesterday.
My Catalogue for the May 28th, 2011 Auction sale of Aldridges http://www.henry-aldridge.co.uk/ arrived and with it was enclosed a very good quality facsimile of the Plan above, Lot 283 (measuring 40 inches wide by 12 inches high) truly the Nautical Shroud of Turin.
Excellent value all round.

Cheers Brian
Brian, just want to say hello, it's been far too long...have let a lot of things including Titanic slide a 'little' over the past few years.

I bought that same catalogue at the exhibition of the lots. Very worthwhile.
No, it's not a "nautical Turin" shroud at all. It's just an interesting bit of history. I've no idea where the moderator has moved my post. But never mind. None of us is rich enough to buy the BI drawing, are we?
You'd need a really b-i-i-i-i-g house, Mike, to host the BI drawing. And no cats. In my experience, they always use the best item in the house for a scratching post.
>>And no cats.<<

That cuts me out right there. We just took in two six week old kittens as rescues so it's going to be a loooooonnnnnngggggggg time before this house is "Cat Free."

Not that I would want to live in a house without them, but that's another rant.
From The Daily Mail:

Now that’s a Titanic price tag: Unique diagram of sunken liner used at official inquiry fetches £220,000
A plan of the Titanic used in the inquiry into the sinking of the ship in 1912 has sold for what is believed to be a world record price for memorabilia of the doomed boat.
The plan had been estimated to fetch between £100,000 and £150,000, but was bought by a private collector yesterday for £220,000. Commissioned by the British Board of Trade, the 33ft (10m) cross-section was used to assist in the 36-day inquiry.
More at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1392022/Titanic-inquiry-diagram-sold-220-000-auction.html