Titanic by Jim Pipe

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Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
I came across this book in a local store on 15 April, at about the UTC time of the sinking. The Hand of Fate???

Intended for younger readers, this is a large format book, though rather thin. It tells the story of Titanic as seen by an imaginary reporter on board.

It contains many reproductions of documents connected with the ship, some of them in gimmicky little fold-out attachments. The material will be familiar to enthusiasts and nothing is new.

The book contains some notable howlers, such as the ship's displacement. Worse still, the tale of Rigel the dog is included, without mention of its falsity. There's even a colour photo of a Newfoundland dog swimming.

Unless you are one of those collectors who has to have every Titanic book, regardless of its quality, treat it as a good seaman treats an iceberg. Give it a wide berth!

The book is available from all the usual suspects at wildly varying prices. Firefly Books. ISBN 1554073030.
Sep 25, 2004
I'm ashamed to admit this, but I have this book. *Thumps head on desk* I got it for Christmas. According to my folks, they picked it up from a nearby Costco and I know from experience, that sometimes the titles they stock come wrapped in cellophane so no one can tamper with the product.

Oh well, I learned my lesson. The bright side of this story is that I have something on hand in case the youngsters in my family get interested in the Titanic. I'll have to tell them the dog story is false though, I'm sure they won't mind. ;)
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