Titanic cameo in Sky Captain

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Ramon Robinson

In "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," starring Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, the wreck of the Titanic (as it might have appeared in the 1930s) makes a cameo appearance.

Go to apple.com/trailers and click on the link for the new clip to the film. Titanic appears toward the end of it.
Strange scenario. The ship seems to be on its way down, but fully intact and with the lifeboats still in place. I don't know anythng about the scene or the film, but maybe they used a convenient Titanic model for a sinking ship which wasn't intended to be Titanic.
Oh my god! i just watched that clip, how obvious is that the Titanic!!
But even for 1930, she is in rather good shape.
A bit odd to use her in this sort of film though.
I think its supposed to be already wrecked,rather than sinking though.
Just went to see the film last night-it just opened here. Was this TItanic cameo seen in a trailer? I think the audience may have missed it, the clip goes by so fast-of course I was busy counting funnels and watching for her. Loved the zeppelins too- Hindenburg III-loved it! This could have missed the mark like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but it was great fun and who could resist that stellar cast? It was sort of Star Wars meets Indiana Jones-gets my thumbs up-and Jude Law was pretty easy on these old eyes too-made me forget it was my er... 39th birthday!
I think the actual footage in the movie is a bit edited from the clip I saw earlier. I saw one clip online that showed the Titanic a little more. Maybe they were smart and cut it out a bit. It seemed a little out of place for this otherwise great movie! I wasn't expecting it to be too great, but I actually really liked it!
Fun film, imaginative. Great effects with Art Deco/Film Noire touches.
At the theater I yelped "That's Titanic!" to my embarrassment LOL. There were rusticles(?) on the bottom of the ship. That it sank in one piece would be consistent with a 1939 point of view. But, even then, it shouldn't have the first funnel or the life boats. But remember that it's a 1939 fantasy at that. Also no dirigibles docked in real life at the Empire State Building either. Maybe it was Gigantic, sunk by White Star in an alternate mystery insurance ploy? ;-)
That's okay Tim- I actually jumped and grabbed my seatmate's arm when the ship drifted past. Isn't it funny how we get so excited by these things? I can be anywhere in the house and if I hear "Titanic" mentioned on the telly, I freeze like a deer in the headlights, then run to see what it is all about! Yes, the dirigible sequences were imaginative and realistically portrayed. So many funnel fanciers love dirigibles too I have found. I have been recommending this film to everybody in sight!
I just rewatched this film over the weekend. I had to laugh at the appearance of the Titanic, but not for any of the above reasons. After all, as Tim point out, it was a 1939 fantasy of the Titanic that appeared. But why, oh, why did they put her in the South Pacific (or maybe Indian Ocean) rather than the North Atlantic?

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