Titanic Centenary Project has launched

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Hi Jim

Thanks for the info... just one point though regarding the bottom section.

The site is essentially an advertising site, like the Milliondollarhomepage.com that Alex Tew set up. Comapnies take out an ad for the advantage of having it on a site for 5 years and if the site becomes popular they get traffic. That's basically what they pay for.

Maybe my site is giving the wrong impression... its not a sponsorship, by taking out an ad it doesn't sponsor me in anyway. I'm basically just claiming that if the site is successful and enough is raised through it by me, I will pay for a project on the Centenary from the funds I make.

Alex's site earned him personally around $1 million... and he kept that. With my earnings (if any) I'm pledging on doing something for the Centenary with it. Its not a sponsorship and nor would I want it to be because of the basic fact that it gets too legal and risky for all involved, and then if refunds are even mentioned then the whole thing could allow for refunds requests left right and centre over the 4 years... It'd also be harder to get companies involved I think.

Do you know what I mean or am I way off track?

As for clearance to build. This simply wouldn't happen without cash. With cash it would then be more presentable and real!, whereas approaching on a "if I raise" idea, people might not take that serious? I have a location in my head (obviously I cannot mention it as it might be illegal to do so with someone else currently owning the land). But I am aware that there are currently no plans to build on it for the anniversary and it would right in the heart of Centenary attractions in Belfast.
But say the site was successful over the next year, and I went to them and said, this is how much I have and this is the idea... I think they'd be more inclined then to say yes?

Maybe I'm doing this the wrong way round?

In any case, anymore advice you can give would be great, maybe you could PM me?

I too read your site. As understand, you state, in your FAQ in response to the question "What exactly is hoped to be bought for the project?", that the "best answer here is, I'm not sure!” - this notion is repeated throughout.
You also state that you can not guarantee that anything will happen if there are not enough sales, and that there are no refunds in any event.
And that you will not even start making plans unless the site makes enough sales.
You also state purchasers will have no say in how the monies raised are to be used - anything apparently from nothing at all to a full scale "temporary" bow or stern replica.
You also state that, if nothing comes of this, its a is “a risk I'll have to take".
Further, you state that all money raised will remain yours in any event.
You wrote "Like Alex Tew, the money he made was his, and the same here, anything raised through the advertising will remain my property and from that the necessary Anniversary material, construction, plans or products will be purchased/paid for. All this only if the site is successful..."

So my question is simple. The question is this: in the event you get a tremendous amount of sales, but not enough to plan or carry out any of the nebulous projects mentioned, what happens to the monies raised?

well thats easy, there's always the Nomadic!, remember that little passenger ferry that no one seems bothered about enough to raise money for!

Its not like I'm going to run off with all the cash here Eric. and if I do you can use your research techniques to track me down!...

I CANNOT issue refunds because of the simple fact that if plans are made when enough is raised and then people request refunds this project will literally fall apart. Think about it.

I also CANNOT guarantee the project will happen as I could be dead in 3 years. A building could be built on the site I have in mind. I may not get a license... there are hundreds of things that may or may not happen with this...

And planning CANNOT start unless there is some kind of finance to fund even the planning. I'm sure your aware that planning proposals cost money in themselves...

There is no big con here or mystery. So stop trying to find one, this is being done with good intentions. Everytime I come on this forum I seem to have t o explain myself to people who probably aren't even bothered about the project and even if it was free would have no intentions on helping.

Have a good long think about this and answer me one question. If its not a sponsorship and you gotta sell ads to make money to pay for this and you don't have money at the moment to make plans and pay for planning, How else would you do it?
Ho Jon,
I do not question your motives - nor have many others in this thread - I am trying to illustrate what might be stumbling blocks, such as the bit with the now changed poster with the incorrect date. I highlight these things so you might see the other side of the coin from a prospective advertiser’s point of view. As such, I think it was a fair question. As you know, I never said you'd "run off with the money" - I was bringing attention to the fact that these questions and issues need to be dealt with in order to secure the advertising you wish - as have many others. It just needs to be a little more concrete. If your were to put on your website that the monies raised would, is not used for this project, go to the Nomadic foundation that would put some people at ease.

Best wishes,
With all due respect, Jon-Paul, the million dollar homepage was something that could only work once. In its time, it was a novelty. Advertisers could be pretty sure someone would actually see their ads, because a number of media outlets were mentioning the website.

It'd be interesting to see how many copycats the million dollar homepage has spawned, and how many of those have attained their financial objectives.

I've looked into that Jim, there are a few, alot of Free ones, a lot of family related ones and a few that have made I'd say in the region of 10K, the immediate copy cat who Alex swapped ads with made around 70K... However all of which have been for their own financial gain. 1 I came across was for bands, and another was for a Charity and ALL were badly designed.

None had an idea behind it like this and nothing this popular... so here's hoping. And I've 3 years!
Hi Jason

Yes, it would be nice to have H&W maybe create at least some of the parts for it... but I'm not sure they would take on a job like this as they currently only carry out maintenance and repairs nowadays.

And I'm HOPING it would be display in the Titanic's birthplace/fitting out area... some of which is privately owned by developers and some which is owned by the NI Government I believe. And there is one small spot in particular that has no plans to be built on for the Centenary which I think would be idea. Its down around the Tompson Pump House area of the docks.

Although please remember this is all just an idea at the moment. No plans have been made or presented to anyone yet, as per all above.

Jason D. Tiller

Staff member
Hi Jon-Paul,


And there is one small spot in particular that has no plans to be built on for the Centenary which I think would be idea. Its down around the Tompson Pump House area of the docks.

Yes, I know exactly where you're referring to, as I've been there. Agreed, it would be ideal, but that all depends on the redevelopment of the area, as per the Titanic Quarter.

I realize it is just an idea, but with the greatest of respect, it is good to have some sort of plan laid out, so that you're not attempting to figure it all out at the last minute.​
Hi Jason

I've actually looked into the redevelopment there briefly. I though that area belonged to the Titanic Quarter but it actually belongs to NISP and there are no plans to redevelop anything in that area apart from the restoration of the drydock, pumphouse and strengthening of the gate. Thats it. Although yes things could change between now and then.

Listen, I think I'll take the site offline and look into this a bit more and take some of what has been said ito consideration. So if any of the mods wish to delete this entire thread please do as I don't want any further smart comments or sarcastic responses in relation to this. It is getting a bit out of hand, as I've mentioned on TRMA this was all ment to be a fun project with good intentions but that on its own is clearly not enough for some people.

Thanks to anyone who gave me advice and valuable opinions, you know who you are.
That entire area is owned by the Belfast harbour Commissioners and is merely leased to TQ/NISP any future use of this land would have to be ratified by any parties concerned... however i think you will find that there are plans afoot for this area.

- Merv.
Jon-Paul: A final bit of friendly, entirely non sarcastic advise.

Things like this CAN be made to come to fruition. The 1964/65 World's Fair in NYC, for instance, was the end result of table conversation between a bunch of businessmen having lunch one afternoon in 1959....

...BUT, generally, you have to invest a LOT of your own money before you can entice strangers into investing a little of theirs.

...which means getting your credit in order, having at least a minimal presentation worked out, and securing enough of a bank loan to create professional 'props' as it were. Artists' renderings are a must, as are brief but informative booklets about your project.

...try to get a few members of the urban planning board on your side. DON'T send out a press release UNTIL your plan has tentative civic approval...the premature PR Blitz tends to alienate boards.

>So if any of the mods wish to delete this entire thread please do as I don't want any further smart comments or sarcastic responses in relation to this.

Develop a thick skin. Mr. Gittins' initial remark was, I assume, intended to be a jocular way of introducing a larger issue. And, I CAN ASSURE YOU, was the equivalent of a hearty hug compared to the statements opposing members of the planning board and general public WILL make. What you have to do is let it roll off your back, and keep focused on your goal.

So, your first line of business is NOT to pull your site, but to revise it. Begin by making your goal clear enough that a first time reader will be able to grasp it....

....after all, the World's Fair that managed to achieve the polar opposite feats of drawing more visitors than any exposition in history while simultaneously losing more money than any exposition in history (Okay...maybe this is not the best example) was the end result of a lively chat during a 3 Martini Lunch.
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