Titanic chat


Tarn Stephanos

Every so often I'll hear about a Titanic real-time chat board, but I seem to find them after thye've shut down.
Any Titanic-chat sites around these days?


Tarn Stephanos
Andrew Clarkson's Titanic-Titanic board offers one on Sundays at 9:00pm GMT.
Hi all i would love to find out about titanic i am 18 would love to talk about get know about it . if anyone what to talk.
Hello Sean,

Welcome aboard.

To learn about the Titanic, just read through the many threads in the various topics on the forum, which go back over a decade. Also, another great thing to do is pick up some of the terrific books on the ship, that are talked about in the "Titanic Books" folder, above this one.

If you are interested in learning about the inquires into the disaster, following the sinking, go to www.titanicinquiry.org.