Titanic coal

Well Jeremy,

Authentic coal that was packaged by RMS Titanic Inc, came in a navy blue gift box and the coal piece is sealed in a small heavy plastic sack with red writing on the sack. Then there was the earlier release in the museum style curator case (of which I have 2 of these) with COA's.

Then I have seen the novelty coal pieces, surrounded by plastic in different animal shapes, or in necklaces and/or earrings and other cheaply made designs.

I personally would go for either the gift box or the curator case Titanic coal. That way you know you are getting the authentic coal. With the novelty coal, I would definitely question it's authenticity.
Hello all, first post.
I have just ordered a piece of the Titanic Coal in a jewelry box, the one I ordered has the certificate with two signatures at the bottom, is that the older release?
I am also considering buying a small sliver of Titanic wreckwood from a nice gent on ebay, has anyone here also purchased such a relic? The fellow seemed honest and says the wood has a great pedigree.
Gimme yer thoughts and nice to meet all.
William Potter

Kevin Saucier

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A gentleman...that's the rumor! You failed to mention boyish good looks.

William, good to see you are doing your homework. I wold do the same. A small piece of wreckwood will be waiting for you.

Nope sorry, not the ball player from the 80's. Although I do collect his cards!

Tim - did you get the response to your email? It was "way" over my head, so not wanting to look too stupid, I forwarded it to a friend. btw...the engraving plate would be the mother load. I wish it was that. Many thanks!

Timothy Trower

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Yes, I did get an email about the negative, and am going to do some checking on the early use of ruby lith tape. I agree with you ... the plate itself would indeed be the prize above all others.
Well I have attempted to purchase two Titanic items in the past week, got the coal on the way and have bid on Kevin's wood piece. I am hoping that this Titanic relic fever will subside before I end up with a whole shelf of it like I now have of Berlin Wall fragments

Pedge Jameson

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rmstgifts.com, there the "official" site for RMS Titanic Inc. and I guess the coal. I take it I won't have any problem wondering if it's for real correct?

Pedge Jameson

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See, I just posted something to the effect about the official RMS Site selling coal.
It has to be real if it's from the official site I'm supposing.

Here's the one question I have.

If the folks on ebay are selling fake ones, why spend all the money on the...

1. Fake Coal..(OK you can find this anywhere.)
2. Plastic casing exactly matching the ones RMS INC Sells. (Umm??)
3. Fancy Box and sleeve exactly matching. (Prolly costs 10 bucks or so.)
4. Cotton wad (Yeah I know, find it anywhere.)

After that, why would somebody fake it? It would cost the same thing if not more to do it out of your house.
Unless they just have a sick sense of humor.
Thoughts folks?
Hi Pedge,
you left out one of the most popular items online today - the fake LOA or Cert. of Authenticity. Then again, most sellers of fakes do not stand behind any of their own claims or they have a no-return-policy already in place.

Eric Longo

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Douse anyone know if the Titanic coal is still being sold trough the RMS TITANIC, INC site? Is searched on their website but didn't find any information about it.

I don't want to buy a piece from Ebay, my scared I might end up with a fake if I buy from Ebay.

>>Is searched on their website but didn't find any information about it.<<

If it's no longer there, the smart money is that for whatever reason, they are no longer offering it. The stocks may be gone or they may be holding onto then against the time when the market demand will bring a higher price.