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Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Rae, half the world had a relative on Titanic. The way to settle the story is to work backwards from yourself. That way you go from the known to the unknown. As you only have to trace a few generations it mightn't be too hard to do. Be prepared for disappointment.

I see Senan Molony has given you some information on another thread. He mentions using baptismal records and a local organisation. These are good tips. The locals can help find material that is only available on the spot. Some material is easily found in public records but this varies a lot from place to place. This sort of work is hard to do at a distance and the internet is of limited value. Sometimes you get lucky and find a site devoted to a particular family but few public records are online. Be ready for a lot of work and some expense. Good hunting!

Andrew Maheux

Dec 4, 2000
My mothers name is Susan Butt. Her fathers name is John Butt. I dont know if somewhere down the line Col. Archie Butt could be related or that other guy from the crew with the name Butt. My grandfather was born in Saskatchewn and was in the military. He had family from England.

Not much is known about my grandfather- we dont even have a picture of him. He died in 1974 in a car accident when he was 39.


Rae Kenny-Rife

Thanks for info Dave. We have already done a lot of tracing of records through the family history center at the Mormon church and could possibly be related to James Flynn from Ireland, or Jonathon Shepherd. Those are the only family names I can trace back that match with names on the Titanic. Thanks for your help!

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