TITANIC Connections

Nov 1, 2004
Hi there my name is Rose
Captain Smith and I have shared the same house Marine Crescent Waterloo Liverpool.
I learned that he lived here when researchers for the epic film TITANIC called to the house to ask if they could film the opening sequences from here. As it turned out they filmed from southampton, which was clearly my loss...
I did my own research to establish the facts, and infact he did live here from 1898 - 1907.
A telephone call to Waterloo 271 from Ismays to the Smith household, would change the course of history forever as Ted was asked to take the helm of TITANIC.

i have written a book about social history 1898 to 1907, which includes interesting historical facts never before associated with him living here.
you can read the book The Captain TITANIC & Me for £7.95 plus pp available from Captain Smith | A Titanic Family Man titaniccaptainsmith.co.uk

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