Titanic COULD be raised A Matter of fact

Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
>>But think about this, with a clear, non-side taking mind:<<

I prefer to think of it with a very critical mind, weighing the pros and cons, and taking into account the difficulties which go along with salvage. While it's conceivable that some bright laddie or lassie may come up with a way, the fact is that nobody, and I do mean nobody, is going to attempt such a wildly expensive venture without one helluva compelling economic incentive to do so.

Beyond sentimentality, there is no real reason to even think of attempting to raise the wreck, and some quite overwhelming reasons not to. The damage done to what's left of the ship would destroy any evidence which would help us better understand what happened, how it happened, and why.

All else aside, what would be the point in bringing to the surface a pile of metal so badly corroded that it wouldn't be fit for anything but scrap?

Face the facts: It ain't gonna happen.
the ugly truth :(

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