Titanic Cutaway Project




Now that we've gotten straight to the action here comes the rest:

I am planning to make a 2d animation of this ship sinking in some good amount of detail, expressing the fluidity of how this ship's water flowed through the decks

should i scale this up 2x so that each pixel devides into 4, wich means the interior can have more detail?
it will be much more stressing to make each room though, as the ship's graceful curves cause hell on even room making. (Thanks to Alotef for this grand model of a ship!)
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I think it's goodfor now. You don't have to scale up 2x. It is important to show how the water moved. Obviously it will be very hard to recreate in 100% sinking process from that night, but you can refer to survivors accounts, which wiil make animation very realistic.

I'm waiting, and this is something, which maybe will help.

Still working on it.. :]

Just want to get enough done for a progress pic. Right now im developing a
The animated 2d engines so ill keep you updated soon
Does anyone have plans I may use for accurately modeling the turbine engine room and transverse ribs going through her hull?
All i have are cutaway drawings


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Gentlemen I have terrible news.

I have recently discovered that a long time ago during its progress, It appears I have turned the entire image by 3 degrees to the right slightly, and saved it and never noticed.

Almost everything is miss-aligned and there are hundreds of imperfections.

this will take me a whole month minimum to fix, as I don't work persistently.

I appreciate your concerns with this new cutaway but it has been halted until further notice.

Here is a sneak peek anyway of the triple expansion engines:

Engine room peek
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You can fix the problem with paint.net, if you will you can send me the full image if you want me to fix it for you
That program is what I've been using haha.

The Renault that couldn't float..

-Cargo Rooms 80% modeled
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