Titanic: Disaster of a Century

Barbara Wade

Aug 8, 2009
This month I saw my late husband's book come back into print with the new title, "Titanic: Disaster of a Century" (Skyhorse Publishers 2012). I am by no means Titanic-knowledgeable except for what I've learned through Wyn's book and a handful of Titanic documentaries. Nevertheless, I had the audacity to write an introduction to the new book explaining a) Wyn's reasons for writing it; b) why after seeing Cameron's film he was determined to do a centennial edition himself ("no fiction can equal Titanic's truth"); and c) my personal, Jungian-archetype understanding of Titanic's persistent fascination. It is because of this last feature of the Intro that I post my first entry on this Forum.

To anyone who already has or plans to get a copy of TDOAC, and has or decides to read the Introduction, I would gratefully entertain your thoughts and opinions about this piece. I hope to expand on the "archetype" theme in future (non-Titanic related) writings and would feel better informed by observations from E-T's writers and readers about this (admittedly deviant) treatment.

P.S. Another portion of the new contents I felt obligated to contribute to Wyn's original text to warrant the "update" claim was the end-note, or "Feuilleton", entry on Titanic at the back of the book. Your comments on this venture will be appreciated also.

All good wishes to E-T on the 100th.... - Barbara Wade

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