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Luke Wood

Feb 22, 2018
Hey Guys

I am Wanting to do ,y dissertation next year in my final year at university on How titanic is portrayed in popular culture and my tutors need some persuading to let me do this , i have done some research already on the topic . i was wandering if anyone can help ,e with some arguments to say why i want to do this.

i am also doing a data handling report at the moment on immigration to the usa from the titanic and was wandering if i could be pointed in the right direction for sources and information

all this will be much appreciated

Many Thanks
Luke Wood

Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
Hello Luke Wood, Welcome to ET!

For reasons to write about the Titanic for your paper, various reasons could include:

The ship contained some of the wealthiest / important people in the World along with passengers from across the globe (with people from Britain, Germany, Syria, China, America and Haiti to name a few), So people internationally can relate to it in one form or another.

From the view of teachers, the entire disaster can be seen as an important lesson to teach to children not to become arrogant or believe yourself more powerful than others (while the reasons are vastly more complicated) the idea of the (then) World's biggest man-made object being sunk by a piece of nature with everyone beginning to think we bested nature or God is certainly a lesson you want to teach to others so they could avoid it.

The disaster was used by many following the sinking to promote opinions or myths (for better or for worse) such as:
  • Following the disaster, many victims and myths made up by the press went into the common public mind such as how ''The Band Played On'' and Captain Smith being heroic to the very end ( a record called ''Be British'' was released about how brave he was).
  • In 1943, the Nazi's made a Propaganda film set on the Titanic which showed a fictional German officer and passengers being heroic, compassionate and showing general common sense compared to the British passengers and crew who end up being corrupt businessmen and cowards.
  • the 1958 film ''A Night To Remember" heavily portrayed 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller as the British everyman being fearless throughout along with the passengers being very ''stiff upper lip'' (despite many boats leaving half empty or him refusing to allow men in if no women were allowed. The film also began the still believed idea that Captain Lord of the Californian (A ship believed to see and not respond to Titanic's distress rockets knowingly not going to help) was lazy and arrogant not going to their assistance despite it actually being a freak accident due to communication errors.
  • The 1997 film brought the disaster back into the public's mind (particularly in China where their now building a landlocked version of the ship) and also sparked a few misconceptions (It's unknown who shot themselves on the boat deck, the ''door Rose lay on is actually a piece of wall panelling, etc)
  • Titanic has became so popular today that practically anything related or with the name ''Titanic'' on it seems to gather great interest or sell (which has led to a great many products of poor taste capitalising on this, Google ''titanic merchandise'') One example of great interest was a Documentary shown last year called "Titanic: The New Evidence". This show claimed that a fire in one of the ship's coal bunkers was what sank the ship and ended up being reported in numerous websites and newspapers...despite it being completely wrong and based on inaccurate and debunked accounts by an Titanic historian called Senan Molony who has been deemed an unworthy source in the Titanic community. Either way, the media lapped it up anyway and now many believe this was the cause of the sinking.
(See this PDF that debunks the claim: http://wormstedt.com/Titanic/TITANIC-FIRE-AND-ICE-Article.pdf)

As shown above, many myths about the incident (such as the idea of the binoculars having saved the ship of they weren't locked away) are wrong but the media keeps repeating it as it's gathers such much interest whether true or not.

For Sources, try to watch the BBC documentary: ''Timewatch: Myths of the Titanic (2002)''

Hope this all helps, and sorry if it's worded a bit weirdly. Good Luck!
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