Titanic Escape Rooms: Creative expierence or Bad Taste?


Harland Duzen

Belfast is soon excepted to receive a Titanic-themed escape room as reported here: Disrespectful and in bad taste - concerns over Titanic-themed game coming to Belfast - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

Titanic: The Final Hour (as it will be known) will involve having to escape a themed cabin with various puzzles within 60 minutes.

At first, I agreed with the report saying it was in bad taste (and because in their promotional video, They show a cartoon of the Lusitania sinking which made my blood boil! :mad:)

(See 0:14 for Lusitania mistake)

However they say it will be historically accurate and it might allow people to experience hauling a lifeboat out by the davits which would be a interesting way of learning what it was like on the night (if done right and not for fun).

What are everyone's thoughts on this?
Kyle Naber

Kyle Naber

I think it’s great how we’re always finding new ways to tell the story of the sinking of the Titanic. Movies, video games, and now escape rooms!