Titanic: Everything Was Against Us - now available


Mar 18, 2012
Just wanted to post briefly to say that my book on the disaster, "The Titanic - Everything Was Against Us" is just out in paperback and electronic versions.

The book is a detailed retelling of the sinking, with diversions from the main narrative to discuss the more controversial areas; were the 3rd class held below decks - indeed, was anyone held back from the boats? Was the Captain really on the bridge when icebergs were discussed... or was he still at dinner? Why is there so much discrepancy in the testimony and accounts of the survivors and how can this hinder an attempt at a cogent narrative of the story? Why were lessons from the lack of boats on the Republic in 1909 not learned? And quite a few more.

While some of these points may not be new to readers of this forum, I believe the analysis of the evidence and some of the deductions are novel, particularly concerning the actions of the crew (especially the officers) that night, and the loading of the lifeboats.

If you're interested, you can pick it up at:

Amazon.com printed and Kindle : Amazon.com: The Titanic - "Everything Was Against Us" (9781475127935): Simon Angel: Books

Amazon.co.uk printed and Kindle : http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0956301525/?tag=encyclopediat-21
(Don't let the "Temporarily out of stock" put you off. Amazon.co.uk have messed up, so I am selling the book myself via Marketplace and because I get it direct from the publishers, it's £2 less than the RRP).

(If you don't have a Kindle there are free readers available for PC, iPad, iPhone, Android etc. from Amazon).

Or if you have an Epub reader, you can find it at The Titanic - Everything Was Against Us By Simon Angel - eBook - Kobo

With the dollar to pound exchange rate being so poor, and because the US printing house heavily undercuts the UK equivalent, the book is actually cheaper on Amazon.com, which surprised me.

I hope you enjoy it.



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