Titanic Evidence Sank on Lusitania



Reading the Titanic book: 'The R.M.S. Titanic and Washington: One Hundred Years'. It says the following:

'The Titanic subpoena information being sent to Britain by way of the Lusitania in 1915 was lost when the Lusitania was sunk during the war with Germany. This would result in the delay of the Limited Liability case being heard by the courts of the Southern District of New York.'

'The Lusitania was carrying the subpoenas for the British witnesses and was on its way when it was sunk. The Lusitania sank on May 7th 1915 and was carrying letters to claimants summoning them to appear in New York on May 17th 1915 for their claims for losses for Titanic would be heard by Judge Julius Mayer, but the proceedings would be postponed.'

I wonder who the claimants were and what happened when they received the second subpoena (the first having gone down with the Lusitania) and if they decided not to go to America for fear that their ship would be sunk and decided to drop their claims. Wonder what other Titanic evidence was aboard the Lusitania?


Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
There was no evidence on Lusitania, just legal documents.

As far as I know, the only English person to go to the US civil trial was Edward Wilding, who gave evidence on Titanic's design. Some English claimants we already in the USA, having moved there. The records of the US civil claims are a mess. As early as 1917 a US judge, who was attending to a minor matter arising from the case, was unable to find records of exactly what was done. He described the records as "meager" and "very imperfect". Some transcripts survive and may be seen online at TIP | United States Senate Inquiry

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Wish I could provide a full list of the claimants but a great many weren't properly finalized in Britain until 1931. Encompassing a lot of politics and involving two main bodies - The National Disasters Relief Fund the previous forrunner of the Titanic Relief Fund and the British Governement were partly involved, but by how much, remains unclear.

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